😭😭😭 This one even hurts me as the writer, this was certainly the cruel. You see, Debbie had forgotten to lock the gate when she returned from the market. And someone set to steal, kill and destroy snuck in and stole all their chickens. Well the theif had stolen and would kill their chicken but he would never destroy their joy.
Tomorrow her family would have no chicken but there would be love bigger than a chicken on their table as they celebrate Christ’s love. And this thief who was actually their neighbor would be invited to dine with them and call them selfish for not having a chicken.
But I guess he never understood what love Christ had for us and what love Christ wants us to share to the world.



He had decided that tonight on this Christmas Eve, he was going to pray and praise into the new year. He had really received testimonies from Christ coming into the world, and he was very thankful.
He supported himself with his crutches to the sitting room and began to prepare for tonight’s praise into the new year. He glanced past a burning figure at the clock, it was 18:55, he was going to start by 10pm. The figure he never saw was sent by God to heal him a minute before the fixed day set to celebrate the birth of Christ crucified.


Every year Amaka anticipated a few holidays, this holidays always benefited her. And tomorrow’s Christmas holiday was one of them. To her Christmas, which she preferably called Xmas (well it were better to replace Christ with an X since she was no Christian), was a day of flexing,clubbing and making loads of cash.
But tonight, hanging out with her crush on this Christmas Eve was a turning point.He had not asked her out but she followed him around like his puppy, and she had followed him for this meeting were he lectured on the love of Christ.

As she answered an altar call, she knew tomorrow’s Christmas was going to be a real CHRIST-mas holiday and not her usual ignorant holiday.




Christmas chicken had never been a problem, because it had never been on their list. They had always had bigger issues to settle, which made any celebration not achievable.
Food, shelter and clothes were said to be the most important things to a man. And these three things were a battle for the Jarras to attain, you could say their poverty was very poor.
But this Christmas was going to be different because somebody from nowhere was going to share foodstuff(chicken included) and lots of other items to this poor family to ensure this Christmas was well celebrated.


My storybook 2

Being rebellious lasted for long, I caused serious havoc and pain. I was a mastermind of petty crime. I was also a dwelling ground for lust and I was highly soaked in it.
But I guess God was not just going to let me live that way, He saved me. But reforming was not all that easy, I went up and crashed severally. I nearly gave up but He wasn’t going to leave or forsake me, so He took his time to save me.
And here I am today still dancing in the light of His grace.

My storybook

I had come out all bouncing, lightskinned and fat. Dont think I remained like that, infact am now the opposite of how I had come.
Well, before I changed, I was everyone’s crush. And I was pampered and I grew to love sweets and milk till date.
Well, what’s so interesting about me? Those that loved me slowly began to dislike me. Why? You may ask. I became rebellious and was a source of trouble. You could call me a problem child.

For what love is truly

If love were like the ocean, I would run right into your waves
If it were like the blazing sun, I would let it make me of a darker shade
If it were like the soil, I would bury myself and grow into a rose
If it were like the clouds, I would fall on your heart like rain drops
If it were air, refreshing would be the breeze on your gorgeous face
But well, its not. So for all that it really is, that I would be.


His room had become the cinema hall and his window a 4D glass, this was where and how he watched the most interesting movies of his life. He watched every morning and evening, not that he was jobless. He worked from home and couldn’t resist a long glimpse of his crush everyday.
But today was different, she seem to have misplaced her key and the rain was pouring so heavily. She kept glancing around for help, and help has always been there waiting for the right moment. ‘Today his crush was gonna meet the crushee.’ He smiled as he waved her over.


‘As he no pay me salary early, how I go do. I no go chop food ni?’ He sliced his conscience in pieces with those words. He had to do that lest he won’t be able to steal from the wallet that had dropped from his boss’ pocket.
He kicked the wallet under the secretary’s car, he looked around to see if anyone noticed. He quickly followed his boss in to avoid suspicion.
Then he did a rare good deed today, he volunteered to take out the trash. As he took out the trash out, he also took out the money from the wallet.


Tiny droplets began to fall on everything beneath the sky, the only escape was to be under something else beneath that same sky.
Glancing around he found nothing, his whole attire would be a mess in a matter of minutes. His fear were never reality as a smiling lady stepped beside him and covered them both with her large umbrella.
‘It would be harsh to let the clothes go to ruins.’ She said. He froze as he saw the most beautiful lady he had ever seen, and this rain was not going to end soon. Lunch with this beauty was inevitable.