Her ways

Princess Alicia II Kenwise, was the only one renamed after the Lady Fifth. So her name opened every man-made door of whatever material it was made of. But not only was her name feared by me, the sound of her voice was like terror to me. I had to obey all her commands even though I was king of six coasts. I was more powerful that her, but she harassed me day and night. She made me rent garments and weep, yet she remained an undying sore on my skin. And she increased her territory on my skin, hoping to overcome me and take away the coasts of which i have been entrusted to care for.



He felt embarrassed being picked out of the gutter, fortunately, he was unharmed. The only thing that made him glad at this moment, was the lady standing infront of him. She had actually been the cause of his small accident.
She had tapped his arm, to ask for direction and her soft palms had made him become unstable. He had been so focused on her beauty that he had taken a wrong step and fallen.
“Are you okay?” She asked and held his arm. He could feel heat fly from his arm to his brain. He wondered which accident would come next.


He suddenly realized no one was singing, it was actually the transfer student gisting with Lucy and Tabitha.
‘Wow! What amazing voice.’ He said to himself and took a quick glance at her. Their eyes clashed, and he froze for a few seconds till she smiled and looked away. He quickly turned back to his meal, but her voice kept painting colors in his heart.
He closed his eyes and got up, he bumped into someone. He turned and saw it was the Ms. Musical voice.
“Coincidence or planned?” She asked.


I had only walked past her when the scent from her perfume hit my nose, it immediately stopped me in my tracks.
Shocked, the lady also stopped and glanced at me with a quizzed look. She certainly did not know she had just hit a soft spot in my heart.
Perfume was a lady’s pathway to my soul, i loved when a lady smelled nice.
“Any problem, Mister.” She said, alarmed. She turned and gave me a complete view of her beautiful self. She was certainly not a bad choice.


My secrets are kept secret by this veil
My inner dark self is hidden from the world
My soul cannot withstand the outside light
Let this veil keep my sins in its dark chamber of luxury
Let it hide all my imperfections, and make them see the perfect me
Let it make them dream to be me, and fantasize being me
(Suddenly, a figure walks in and rents my precious veil)


His tiny chest was soaked in sweat again, wiping it off was futile. A tear drop joined the little pond on his chest, luckily he hadn’t noticed. He was deep in sleep just like her other children, she turned to see their condition. They were more stable than him, she noticed Tabitha was awake. She instantly wiped away her tears before her last born turned to glance at her.
Tabitha gave her a very weak smile, she tried to smile in return but all she could feel was a tiny twitch of her flesh which she knew made no display on her tired face. But it didn’t matter, because Tabitha had gone back to sleep. She still couldn’t figure her daughter out, she was the only one of her three children that always remained joyful. Although, the moments of pain never overlooked her. It made her scream, roll and cry till she had no strength left.
A scratch on the window made her resume her nursing duty, she didn’t need to glance at the window. She already knew it was one of the numerous lizards that roamed the area. She cleaned Samson’s chest once again, then kissed his forehead. Standing up took alot of energy from her, she had been squatting for over three hours now. She finally stood on her feet and was struck by a great dizziness, she nearly collapsed but managed to stand still. She leaned on the wall for about three minutes before she could finally see clearly again.
She sighed, she had forgotten to eat again. Not eating had become a routine for the past months. But she knew her husband would soon step in through the door with her dinner. He had remained a source of strength and a firm hand, he had made the statement ‘Am not going to loose my whole family to this sickness’ stick to her mind. Her prediction of his arrival was perfect, she heard his car engine in the garage.
Today was not the best of days at work, but it was also not the worst day. He didn’t need to look into any of the car’s mirror to know his face looked worn-out. He picked up his bag and the food packs for him and his wife, he knew she certainly had not eaten. He missed the days he brought snacks for his whole family, and when they all ran to meet him at the car. His children were on a strict diet and his wife was…. He couldn’t think of the right or any word to describe to explain why his wife never ate.
He got out of the car and headed straight to the door, it was open so he stepped in. His wife was already waiting on the sitting room, she looked pale.
“Am not going to complain today or say anything.” He said as he walked towards her, he planted a kiss on her lips. He dropped the bags on the cushion and carried her, she tried to push him off but he knew she didn’t have the strength to.
“How was work?” She asked as she placed her hands around his neck. He stared into those eyes that still worked its charm on him even after seven years of marriage.
“Nothing to talk about.” he replied, he sat on the cushion and placed her in his laps.
“Wont you ask about the children?” She asked with a sad look on her face. The sad look was the reason he had stopped asking her about their children’s health, and he was sure she was aware of it.
“You know why I don’t ask. And I would also check them once am done feeding us breakfast.” He replied as he pulled the food packs closer to them.
He fed her and chatted with her a little about random things till she fell asleep in his arms. He proceeded to take her to bed and finish every work she had left out. Lastly, before he headed to bed, he checked on his kids. Samson was deep asleep but Tabitha and Joshua were awake, he could see their smiles as he stepped in. He chatted with them a little and told them jokes that made them laugh so hard till they coughed and he had to stop. He kissed them all goodnight including the ‘sleeping Samson’, as they had nicknamed him few minutes back.
He sat in front of the TV and tried to relax, but thoughts filled his mind. He kept wondering if his children would survive this sickness, only five percent of people ever survived it and he really hoped they all fell amongst that percentage. He knew he was beginning to worry, so he pushed away the thoughts and switched off the TV.
Moments later, he was in his bedroom beside his wife. Her body felt so warm and weak, she had never been fat but she had once had a bigger body. She turned to face him, they looked into eachothers eyes for a while. They knew what they both needed, a passionate and brief intimate moment. But he was scared she was worn-out from caring for the kids, but she surprised him when she pressed her lips to his. He had only started kissing her when Samson’s scream pulled them apart. Another of his crisis had begun.
His kiss was very deep and long, she appreciated it but could not allow him be late for work. She pushed him back and smiled. She felt renewed and stronger, she had managed to rest well. Yesterday, Samson’s crisis had been handled well by her husband, he had not allowed her to leave the bed.
“Oh she doesn’t love me.” She heard her husband say with a pretense sad face. She smiled.
“I love you too.” Her thoughts hadn’t let her hear his usual ‘I love you’ but she knew he would never miss a day without saying it.
“Would be back early today.” He said as he dashed out for work, she winked her “OK”. She missed their romantic era, it had all faded slowly with the ailment of their kids. She even missed their wonderful sexs, they still had it once in a while but it couldn’t be compared to the old days. She stood and reflected on their early moments of love and of marriage.
“Mummy!” She heard Joshua call her name, she turned to see her nightmare come true. He was exhibiting the signs of the last stage of their sickness, he bled from his ears and nose.
“Jesus!” She yelled and ran to him.

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Who checked up on us?

When I was all strong and fine, I checked others to ensure their strength was not failing. While I cracked jokes and teased others, I watched their reaction to see if they were really happy. As we all worked together, I watched to see the pace at which they worked, i watched to see if they stopped to think before they continued working.
You see, I cared deeply about others around me. I hated seeing a sad one near me, or a troubled one. When I couldn’t reach out to them, I prayed for them. I didn’t just become friends like others, I became a friend to ensure I could be there for them.
But what happened to me in my downtime? When I fought through temptations? Did they notice my pain or see my tears?
No! No one did. No one truly cared. Until I called out! Until I broke my ankle and had to walk with a limp. No one checked up on me, no one watched over me. But I still won’t quit on them, I would still watch over them.


He had waved her over a couple of times, but it seemed like she had not seen him. But when he waved her directly opposite her and she just waved back secretly and smiled, then he knew she had been ignoring him.
He decided to cross the road and confront her but as he did, she began to walk away. But he was not going to give up on this girl that had promised him an answer today. He caught up with her and held her hand lightly.She shoved his hand roughly.
“I can’t date you.” She responded staring at his freshly shaved skul.


He had thought she had lost interest in their relationship till she just explained. He stared at her and smiled.
This was how it happened, he had wanted a new look and tried a clean cut. He had forgotten he was beardless and it would make him look like Okoro.
After the haircut, babe no longer followed him for outings or dates and he couldn’t visit her at home due to their preventive measures towards sexual purity. He had never known she had been mocked and ridiculed to be dating an old man. Oh, what pain babe had to go through.


They knew this would be the sweetest proposal ever, they were all young and ready. Five men, five rings and five babes. And all they desired were five YES. Which would lead to five marriages, five wives and five beautiful homes.
And yes, all the requirements had been met. They had small scaled businesses with great future promise and they would have been done with school if not for ASUU😡.
Well, they had arranged a beautiful wedding proposal in a yatch. And this was the outcome.
“Yes.” Chenemi screamed with tears in her eyes, she had always been the emotional one.
“Yes.” Joy said with a thin smile.
“Yes.” Esther replied with a little laugh.
“Oh my, Yes.” Mimah replied happily.
Now, all eyes turned to look at Nife. She glanced at Ugo kneeling infront of her and gave a little frown.
“Am sorry guys.” She mumbled “But its a YES!!!!” And they lived happily ever after.


He injected the last vaccine into his system and smiled at the angry mob of different type of creatures, of strange creatures. Some were magical beings, Jupitans, martians, couple of other creatures from other planets and realms, and also there were some very strange creatures that fascinated him and was the reason he had gone through hell for the last vaccine. This creatures called themselves humans.
The humans were very different and strange looking, they either had fewer eyes,legs,heads and even hands. Their first entrance into the Pendic realm was through errors in their time travels, then it became more frequent through a means they called socery. They always desired to return to their planet, Earth, which was a planet marked by flames that could hurt other beings except them. But unfortunately for them, nothing ever left the Pendic realm. The humans also enjoyed something everyone else desired, death. They could leave their body and just fade off. And this was his desire, he wanted to die. Living forever had become so tiring, and that had made him steal the vaccine it had taken them four hundred years to make. A vaccine that could make any creature die.
He smiled as he the mob tore his twelve hands, four legs and couple of eyes into pieces. Finally, death had come. He smiled through the pain as he died. And moments later, he woke up to the shocked faces of the same mob that was suppose to have killed him. He had not died? His body had formed again like everyone in the Pendic realm. Perhaps mortality was for humans only.


Even the very color of her eyes were of no black
Her smile was the touch of galaxies
Nothing about Susan was common
She was thoroughly unique and special
Never bothered by the system of the world
Never shaken by the trends
She was the trend and she owned her system
And tonight she had asked for a rose painted pink
And here I was painting roses for my love.

God’s Existence

His existence has caused men to go insane, studying and trying to proof theories. Wondering what the beginning was like? Being very limited in their small human minds.

And so you ask me, how did he come to existence? Here is my response.

He came into existence, the day I gave Christ crucified and ressurected King my life. That was when I saw His true existence. When I became alive to a thousand miracles he did every day. When I saw Love come alive.

Why not dance at the cross?

What if when Jesus died on the cross ✝,
Everyone around the cross, the disciples and other onlookers, had all started dancing and jubilating with an understanding of the significance of His death.
You see, understanding really matters. Sometimes you just need to see what God is really doing during your trying periods. You would then understand and praise Him.
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