Dark Knight 5


Dark Knight 4

To everyone else i seemed perfectly okay but my celestial nature has eaten up my senses. My physical was now slowly transforming into the celestial nature and i was not letting that happen with putting up a fight.
I fought deeply and hard but lost!
Now my physical remained at the edge of falling into the ocean of my celestial nature.
But i believe there is a cure to my evil self.
I could no longer continue eating kids and ripping mothers apart!

Dark Knight 3

My celestial nature slowly began eating me up.
I became a monster as some may say. Waking up was what i hated the most.
I could wake with intestines scattered around my room, or with heads hung on nails, or with my bathtub filled with blood and lots more.
I had lost control of my celestial powers and now it was killing me slowly.
I feared to become the monster i hated. And what was worse was i could not detect the time i would transform.

Dark Knight

Today is the fifth time in this month that i have seen such an ugly sin. Her headless body laid beside her child’s battered corpse.
People gathered around wandering what had resulted in such a horrible death.
But as i watched the whole scene it looked familiar, i felt i was the one that had done this terrible deed.
I began to wander if i had transform into my evil celestial nature and did this. The problem remained that my earthly senses could not pick up with the celestial occurrences.

Dark Knight 2

Tomorrow i would awake with five corpses in my room, all with a mark i do not understand.
Then i would walk through Bagamas road and bewitch nine kids to be of my nature. Then i would return and soak myself in a bathtub of blood and sleep off.
Then i would awake and wonder what in the world had happened.

The Curse

I had seen it on the prophetic stone that fell from the mouth of Haji, but i had ignored it after moments of reflection.
Now here it is tormenting me every step of the way.
Making me powerless on the path of Zucas.
I just have to follow the prophecy, perhaps its not really a curse but my destiny.


Her tender mind had broken his hardest decision. She could turn his whole body with the tiny rudder that lay in his mouth.
An exchange of liquid and a touch of snakes could make him bow at her feet. His soul was lost and his spirit tied down.
Bless the day he would break free and the Lord would save his soul. That would be his final redemption and a new path to a new part of his sold out life.


Count of hypocrisy
Chewed in error
Grasp of the soul
She choked on liquor
He was the darkness in a body
And after the accursed fate
He could swear the golden stand was done
He should have breaded of his hiding
Secrecy was his curse
Yet solitude was his strength.

Baby memories

I was dizzy tonight but when I had sighted her all the colors same to my eyes. I saw even beyond the body, I saw into the soul and spirit.
She was the total definition of the perfection of beauty.
“Mama” I cried out.
“Baby” she said as she picked me up.
I kicked my feets and laughed. I wished I could tell her a whole lot but I was still stuck in the baby world. I was still a two year old child and the moment I grew older the baby memories would vanish.


February 27th, 2018
Alright, this days has been messed up.
Different kind of crazy things.
Yeah, it has also been awesome.
But God has been there all through.
Thank You Lord. I sincerely don’t know what to write.
But thank You Lord. You are worthy of my praises.