The Holy Force?

A video by the Holy Force.



Watch Out For The Incoming!!! A nuclear bomb is coming close to you

Watch out, for a bomb has been detected and it is suspected to be a nuclear bomb. It is an human bomb and this bomb would change the course of the world.
The bomb is presently known to be in the northern part of Nigeria, inside a very young man. Whom is known presently to be a writer and student of the university of jos. His name is Tosin David Adams.
Watch out for him and if you do see him, tell him to ‘ carry on and bomb this world back to its senses’.
Ok, that’s the Spirit.  Lol, hope i didn’t scare you. I am the bomb, not wires and batteries though. Please get ready to be hit by me. I love you and God loves you more than I can ever do. Walk in


His love.