I have just finished typing and editing a couple of my books, most of which were written in 2014. Yeah, 2014, during a mine teenage ministry’s W.A.R training. I had just met a wonderful coach who had believed in me and encouraged me to write. I have to confess that i had not wanted to attend this training but just decided to, since i was idle at home. I attended the training and began to write, although i never expected much. A word from Coach Timi Adigun, ‘See what you have in you and have not been using.'(Big time Paraphrasing), encouraged me to write on and till today i cannot forget those words.
I began writing and fell in love with it, and it has been difficult to drop the pen ever since. I became a writting addict, i cant tell if a day has ever gone without me writing something. Inspirations have been flying and couple of them have been wasting, they are just a whole lot.
In year 2015, i wrote about 150 psalms and over 70 other write ups. And now in year 2016 which we are still currently in, i write a poem each day for a friend. By the grace of God, i want each and every friend of mine to have a poem from me. So if you are my friend and you don’t receive one from me by December 31st, please do buzz me.
Ok that’s that about my writing birth. So recently i have not really been writing, and why? Because i have been looking at my past achievements and am feeling fly, not minding the word that Coach Timi Adigun had said during a cross over vigil that we should let the last years achievement go with it and get new ones this year.(Paraphrased smalltime). Well, i still did not listen till my greatest Coach which is the Coach of all coaches spoke to me that another wave is coming and i should let wave one go. After hearing that, i began to speed up my editing of typed books and began to think of ways to send out all my writing in the month of May, so that by June i could start enjoying wave 2.
Typing has been slow since last year because am using my phones but it is advancing, before i used to give excuse of no laptop to type but i saw that their was no excuse for excuses, so i started typing endlessly with my phone.
While i was typing one of my book titled crazy, i was nearly crying because of one of my characters pain and this surprised tough David. When i had written it back then, i had felt nothing and just wanted the girl to have an ugly past but now i felt the pain of a past.
Let me tell you a little of my own past, it was quite ‘crazy’ and you could have a glimpse of it from a book i wrote, titled Joshua meets Ruth which would be available on my blog in due time. I had serious struggles with addictions and it was totally uncool but then i never knew. I had a separate memory card filled with pornographical images and videos. I had over 50videos and still wanted more. At that point, it was hard for anyone to show me any new video that i hadn’t watched before. I was a porn watching boss, couple of guys wanted to always get from me.
And surely like expected, i got addicted to masturbation. And meanwhile, as a rebellious kid that gave his parents a hell of a time, i was also addicted to harsh secular music. I used the cuss word like crazy. I was influenced from every bend and turn, and the major reason for this was because i was exposed to life to early and also suffered greatly low self esteem. I was the youngest among my peers and wanted to be among the bosses, so i codedly followed. There was a time they even nicknamed me Coded 2, Coded was another guy that was coded. You get?
Ok, i codedly followed and became worse than them but they never knew. I was a very secretive guy that hardly spoke out and you see, that is a bad thing. My parent especially my mum hated this, and perhaps still hates it. Though i gave really really worked on it and am still working on it. I just love not letting people know me completely but i got to work on it because of my wife right?*winks*
So i became a bad guy and was glad about it, i was walking in the dark and loved it. But light was fast approaching and i didn’t know.
Prior to this, my mum and siblings had been praying and hoping endlessly that the black sheep of the family would one day become white. But dear mr.Black sheep loved black. I wanted to be like Lil’Wayne, i had a tattoo of a knight and a lady that was to be portrayed in silver on my chest, in mind but my then though overprotective parents did kill me if i dared. I wanted to get out of the house quite fast so as to be unwatched. And when i did, i became a worse. I had gotten admission into landmark university and i had become a coded unsuspectable kleptomaniac. And fortunately for me, i had to leave the school for some reasons. When i came back home, i associated with the wrong set again and i became worse. I got a girlfriend for the first time ever and thankfully she was then naive and i couldn’t practicalize what i had watched. And i think i loved her, i couldn’t really think of doing some crazy things to someone i love. I have tried to name that love as obsession but it was love, though not the boy-girl love. But unfortunately i didn’t know i loved her as a friend, all the love i knew was boy-girl love and i missed it by making her a girlfriend. Now i understand love more and have amazing female friends that i love just like her and i relate with them as friends, or should i say more as sisters.
Ok, so i began having the so called teenage unripe-for-dating issues and it began affecting me big time. We broke up, got back together and broke up again. We rarely really had fights just about two major ones that was really ‘major’.lol. Crazy past uhn. Lemme not bore you. Should i end it here?
Wait! I have not told you if i have escaped from those chains nah.
Okay, i did not also believe in God and the terrestial. I was like an atheist but……..
Lol. Lol. Lol.
But serious night attacks and pressings from witches and demons made me know that terrestial exist pa. This made the tough guy begin to soften and read his bible every night and sleep with the bible near his head and with the lights on. The night became a dreaded period.
Meanwhile amazing guys like Rasheed Audu,Awesome Jonathan Adams(My elder brother), my sweet mum *winks*, Damilola Adeyemi, were telling me directly and indirectly to change, although i would say that they didnt know everything about TD. But someone like Awesome knew a whole lot and it was very unnerving, that i began to hate him and sometimes thought of murdering him but i had not a heart to murder.
Awesome used to say and perhaps still say,
‘If they say Tosin carry gun, or do ritual, or kill, i would never believe cause that guy doesnt have the heary.'(Bigtime paraphrased again).
I think am talking too much, how would this long post get on whatsapp with disturbing.
Ok, dramatically i changed in the twinkle of an eye, and i still don’t know why and how i changed. I just found myself going to church, and oh, admission issues pulled me more towards God. I began serving God, but friends and influences were dragging me back but God made a way by letting one wonderful Aunty. Ope let me travel to benin with her for holidays and there in Benin i met God and amazing God-crazy folks and i changed. Hallelujah. Once coded bad guy doesn’t give his mama issues anymore.
But, the battle had just begun. I had to break free from habits and chains. With the zeal i had newly acquired, i scaled secular music easily(just had to format my memory) though i wanted going back again because i wanted Rap and though Christians never did that until when Angelic Awesome came again and showed me cool gospel rap. I also overcame pornography kinda easily but it was tougher overcoming the soft porn fixed in the middle of movies. Masturbation became a big battle, i once stopped for a while but i heard a man of God said it was okay and i fell back in. But when i found out the truth, i continued the battle.
Please know that masturbation is wrong, it is an act of defiling your body which is the temple of the Holy Ghost.
I also have a book that could help you overcome.
I overcame cusswords by word of knowledge that came from Pastor Timi Adigun on the first day i stepped into his church. And since then, even if i try to say it which i would not, it wont just get out. I remember when i used to playfully rap with Awesome and he used to get pissed by my overnumerous cuss words. Cuss words that some of you might have never and by God’s grace would never hear.
Also know that cuss word is also wrong, Jesus said that, that which comes out from within is that which defiles a man. And Apostle Paul said that we are to honour the Lord with our body and shey your mouth no dey part of your body ne? Lol. Their other scriptures for that also.
Ok, so i overcame a whole lot but the most severely damaged part of myself remained. My self esteem, was below -1million. I walked around feeling like the most ugly guy on earth like people had said, i felt like head was mango shaped like someone else had said(lol. Imagine that. Kai), i walked around feeling like a failure and outcast. So, when a girl accepted me, mehn i felt like i was Armstrong on da moon. Lol. I was feeling super fly.
But seriously, this is my toughest battle so far. But i overcame after the receiving of the Holy Ghost who has and is still changing everything in me in obedience to Christ.(You could sing that if you know the song or meet me to teach you with my ‘amazing’ voice.winks.)
Okay, the Holy Spirit has been my Rabboni. He has worked on me to be a man and have a face.
Ok, i broke up with my first and only girlfriend for now, because God revealed through two different prophets that didn’t know each other that i was going to marry a………..(lols. Let them that know know. You would find out at my wedding if you don’t.). And i a newly birthed prophet(grin) also received several confirmations.
Ok, that’s that. I am a free man indeed. And a new man indeed.
Now i ex-badt guy now is a good guy, now i am a friend of God. I hear Him and talk with Him. I humblely operate on various spiritual gift and is trusting to soon enter the realm of the miraculous were i would begin to do greater works and miracles like Jesus commanded. And that would be pretty soon. Stay tuned to ya home boy, TD Blacks, lol.
Signed TD Adams.
Wait o, we were talking of my writing not my life.
Well all my writings and audio messages would soon be available to bless and entertain you.
And my true life story which is more expatiated is booting. It is already written but thinking of typing that big book is…….
And please do feel free to broadcast this message. Someone may need it and you may never know who.

stay tuned to


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