Definition Of A Bride
A bride as defined by Wikipedia is a person about to marry, or a newly wed.
Brides are supposed to be happy and filled with joy except in few cases of forced marriage and the likes. But as far as you ‘willingly’ and ‘lovingly’ chose your groom, then you are a happy woman.
Brides spend a whole lot of time planning their weddings, because that what’s makes them go from bride to wives. So i guess no one wants to be a bride forever, but they want to enjoy the time they can spend as brides.
Brides do not have a whole lot of responsibilities until they become wives. Brides just spend time shopping, dictating and planning. Am sure you are already in love with ‘bridehood’,it is really a lovely time to enjoy. I wish we bridegrooms could enjoy that also but it is not possible.
Bridegrooms are meant to serve the brides and then continue doing more of that in marriage. The life of a man is always filled with responsibilities although the responsibilities are shared when a wife comes in.
So i would therefore say that women are quite lucky.
Okay, let us talk a little more about brides and their weddings.
It is a known custom for a bride to be arrayed in beautiful attires and Jewries. It is important, so as to distinguish her from her bridesmaid and all.
See, brides are very beautiful to behold and stare at. Just a glance at them would bring a smile to your face.
I really do wonder how my beautiful future bride would be on her wedding. *Winks*(Dreamy eyes)
A bride’s attire is important and supposed to go with her culture. In the past, brides were to wear their best gowns on their wedding day. But times have changed and now brides are to were a special gown meant for only that day except she wants to dramatize with the gown.
The colour of the gown is also important. White gowns are sometimes associated to virgin-brides but its origin was entirely different. In some places like Asia were white is associated to mourning, red which is associated to health and vibrance is used. Your attire depends on what your culture demands or what your lineage says.
There are a whole lot of different cultural demands like wearing of beads, breaking of cup on wedding day and etc.
You can know more about what your culture demands from your relatives.
I know you are eager to be a bride and you are eager about your wedding day. You might need to know more about brides and i would gladly like to help with the knowledge i have.


So keep following this bride series. And even if you are not a bride but a wife, you might stumble on some helpful knowledge. And it is all up to you to transform this knowledge into wisdom.
Let me end with this, HAPPY BRIDEHOOD!!!

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