Greetings to the bride,
Thanks for taking time to read this. We would continue from our previous series.

Influence On The Bride
There could be a whole great influence on brides as brides are known to be meant for the people and not for themselves. You are meant to look how others want you to look and not how you decide to look, but you have a place of a firm decision if it is getting overboard.
You are to wear the cultural/traditional attire that your family decides for you or your friends decide for you. But ensure that you always put family first before any friend.
Brides dressing are usually inspected or supervised by others and not by herself. So, you have to trust whosoever is supervising your makeup and dressing. It has to be someone that genuinely love you or else the pictures would reveal secrets.
Dear bride, remember that while you are a bride, you are meant for the people’s admiration. But after the wedding, you fully belong to the groom and are meant for him alone and so is he.
Have fun as tens to hundreds of people suggest several things to you now. But be wise in making the final decision. You are meant for the people but don’t owe the people, they suggest and not decide for you.
I would suggest that a best friend, family, or someone you trust and someone that knows what’s best for you is there to decide and not someone that could easy be influenced or talked over. You and the person could even have sign languages that would keep you both away conflicts.
And keep the advise from series II in your mind, remember that your husband-to-be’s decision comes first.
I know controlling the influence is quite not easy especially if the suggestion comes from someone like your sweet mother or favorite sibling etc. But one of the best ways to stop them is by saying, ‘My husband doesn’t want that’ and etc. This would keep them shut because they know you are no longer theirs but his and they won’t dare the groom. Would they?
Most importantly, you are not just meant for the people but you are firstly meant for the groom. You are supposed to know what he wants before the D-day, except you want to meet a shocked or disappointed ‘brief’ look on his face. His decision is to be placed first before every other thing. Chikena.

Okay, i hope you found this advice helpful. Keep following this series for more.


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