The Planning
Hiring an event planner is a good idea, a good event planner would teach you how to cut budgets and still have what you want. They are wonderful guys except you have met the fraudulent ones.
Planning is very important, don’t forget the simple things like music and the MC. You do not want them playing a genre of music that you do not like and you do not want an MC that gives the wrong kind of jokes, or do you?
So you better plan every bit? Think of every little thing, imagine it over and over again in your mind. It is more of your duty than your husband-to-be’s. Weddings are majorly for the bride while the groom comes second in line. That was why i said that women are quite lucky.
Supervise everything, don’t just trust something to anyone and forget. Supervise, check up on them and see. Having a list could be highly helpful. And please dont get worried about anything, getting worried could just bring in a whole lot of commotion. Whatever would happen would happen, so why stress up yourself. Sorry for using a seemingly negative quote there.
You need to understand that all weddings may not go perfectly as planned but what gives the wedding its perfection is an happy bride and groom.
Get planning and get a list.


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