Enjoy The Day
Enjoying the day is very important, remember that it is just a one-day thing except in some few cases.  Look the best, smile the best, laugh the best and so on.
Don’t let anything steal your joy and make sure no one makes you angry on your day. There could be a whole lot of little things that could make you get angry, things like your gown having a little itch, your makeup artist coming late, someone making sudden change of plans etc, but you must be determined not to let any of this get at you.
A very light meal could be of great help, the excitement might not make you want to eat but please do try to eat even if it is just a piece of cake and a coke. You might not have time to eat after the wedding and we cannot afford to see our bride weak, or hear any rumbling in her stomach.
The fun could make you get carried away but please keep an hammer close to your head. Dont get carried away with the drinks and please flee from alcoholic drinks. Lot of other things like friends wanting to congratulate you would occur but keep your husband’s arm linked to yours, don’t forget him at the table even if he is with friends.
And never forget to go together to greet the ‘major people’, ‘the minor ones’ may be the ones flocking around you a whole lot but remember to tend to the major.
Keep all this in check but most importantly, ENJOY THE DAY!!!


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