I joy in thy strength o Lord,
I crave for Your sweet words
My heart yearns for Your fellowship
My soul wants more of You
All i desire is You
You have done marvelously for me
In a troubled world, thou hast kept me safe in Your arms
Thou hast crowned me, a crown of solid gold hast Thou put upon head
Blessed be Thy name o Lord
I love you,Lord, be not far from me
Feed my soul with Your great words
Never let me depart from Your holy presence
Let me be close to You always
Thank You my Father

O Lord why hath Thy presence left me
I say prayers of fellowship unto You
I weaken everyday
But my trust is in You
I would never leave You
I trust in the God of David
He would raise help for me
He would re-establish me
He would shut the mouth of the enemies
I would praise Jehovah forever
He is worthy to be praised. Selah

The Lord is my shield, He keepth me from the fiery darts
He provideth me with enough substance to eat
He replenishes my soul, Thy words refreshens me
Even when darkness compassed me; i feared not for thou art covered me with Your mighty wings
Thou hast given me the wealth of the gentiles
In the midst of my enemies do i reign
Your blessing hast filled me to overflow
I worship You. Selah. Your grace and mercy hast brought me here. In Your presence will i live forever
In Your house would i praise You. Selah

The world lay in His hands;
His fingers rotate the earth softly and tenderly
His eyes are brighter than the stars
His smile is better than a quarter moon
His glory is brighter than the sun
The whole world belongs to Jehovah-the-creator
God is truely mighty and Great
His designs are mind blowing
He lets the righteous carry His glory
The pure in heart are the vessels of God
With honour and long life would He satisfy them. Selah

I thank Thee o Lord, i give You praise
Your mercies endureth forever
Thy ways are perfect, Thy wonders are truly great
I look unto Thee, You are my pillar and strength
I cannot live without You
Your ways are great, You set me in the right path
You are the reason i live
Your love is everlasting


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