The Lord is my strength
The wise shall dwell in His tent.
His tent is free, With His blood of Christ has paid the rent
For our restoration, Christ was sent
Yet we never understood what He meant
There are lots of lessons we ought to have learnt.
I wonder what He wrote on the ground when He bent

The Pharisees just wanted to kill Him
They ignored the fact that He could heal them
Anyway, it was destined to be, now we can all feel Him.
He has broken the seal
He has paid all our bills
He has cured us without pills
We kneel and praise Him for giving us Hope and our fill

I am weak but You are strong
You have given me power despite that am young
You brought me out from my dung
You correcteth me when am wrong
Why won’t I praise You with my tongue
Yea, why won’t I sing You a song
Why won’t I dance for You with rhythm of a gong
You make my life last long

You have kept me since my birth.
You always keep me from falling into the devil’s net
You assured me of life even when the devil threatened with death.
I am glad that by grace we have met,
Thank you for making me a son and better than a pet
I worship You Lord, I throw down my shirt
Dwell in me forever. By Your grace my heart is already set.

Everything is just so odd.
I feel like I have been removed from my pod
I feel a bit disconnected like a faulty computer cord
I feel stained by mud
The battle is so tiring that I nearly dropped my sword
Or maybe I just am not filled with the Word
But I still have hope in the Lord
Therefore I give all my burdens to You, o God.
Thank You Father, because I know You have solved it without a mathematical board.

I woke with a bad feeling
I was uncomfortable, I just stared at the ceiling
I felt like praying but my flesh was unwilling
I needed a sort of spiritual healing
I needed some sort of flesh peeling
So I said a little prayer while kneeling

While I was still kneeling lazily, suddenly I became filled
I just became marvelously healed
My spirit sang, I was just so thrilled
A new relationship level with God is now sealed

The Lord is just so faithful
Yea, He is more than wonderful
He is Almighty-full
He is Glory full
He is the greatest, highest, biggest and incomparable


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