Author: T.D ADAMS

Chapter 1
Once upon a time, there lived a young boy. He lived alone in the heart of the forest. The great evil forest. He had lived in the forest for about five years, he had been abandoned by his own parents because he had been born deformed. His head looked like a goat’s head. Lot of people were convinced that he was a monster. The village priest had been convinced that he had been possessed by the goat demon, azazel. So, the priest had taken him from his parents since he had been a little child. He had lived with the priest for five years until the priest had brought him to the forest to sacrifice him to his powerless wooden gods. He had escaped and ran away. And ever since then he had lived in this forest. He knew every corner and how to get food. This was his home. And he had several pets. He was not too happy but he was contented.
He wished he could be with other kids but he knew it was a ticket to his death. Occasionally, he sneaked in the night to enjoy the comforts of the civilized life. He did his best not to trample or take anything. He spent time with the picture books. He taught himself the basic education. He could see into the classroom with a binocular from the edge of the forest. He had taken the binoculars’ from the village store at night and he had paid by dropping plenty of the forest best and tasty crops. That was how he did his trading. He loved to call himself the ‘Night Trader’.
He enjoyed learning. He was very curious to know things. His curiosity had nearly gotten him killed by hunters.
He could follow someone very closely and the person would never suspect. But luck had sometimes turned on him when some animals made noise behind him. He had had to use his speed to escape. The hunters had always thought he was a baboon or ape. Because he was big and huge.
He could eat his fill here in the forest and exercise by jumping from trees, running and wrestling with wild animals.
The forest life was tough. Water was scarce. He had to leave the forest to get to the river and that could be done only in the night. But luckily, there was a man and young girl that always dropped water in the forest mouth every morning. He never understood why. He suspected they were worshippers of the water goddess. But weren’t they supposed to drop the water near the river. Well, he never knew but the water was refreshing. Another thing that bothered him was that they were Christians. He still did not understand the Christian faith. But his heart could sense hope in the faith. He had bought a bible through his night trading but he saw it only as a big story book. But why would people be reading a storybook every Sunday.
He sat on a tree top with Binlin, his monkey pet.
“Binlin, I have to go and ask the preacher about his God. He might be kind. Most Christians are kind.” he told the black monkey, the monkey made a scared sound. The monkey understood him well. He patted the monkey’s head.
“Don’t worry. I would go at night.” he reassured the monkey.
The monkey leaned unto his lap. Samson smiled. He had given himself the name Samson, after reading about the strong Samson in the Christian big storybook. He hated using the name, Goatiah, which the priest had told his parent to name him. Instead he loved Samson, just like the other Samson in the book. He loved Samson’s strength and intelligence. He loved the riddle he had given those philistines that had made them think and think and had not gotten the answer. But Samson love for women was not appealing to the Forest-Samson. He knew no one could marry someone like him.
A movement at the bottom of the tree caught his eye. He looked and met the gentle eyes of his lion pet. He jumped down from the tree with Binlin in his hand. As he landed on the ground, Binlin ran away and hid behind a tree. All his pets were scared of Will, the lion. Will never hurt any of the pets but hunted other animals. Samson had the responsibility to protect Will and all the other pets from hunters. He would distract the hunters with noises. He had used the procedure to protect all his pets. His pets kept increasing. About 70% of the forest animals were his pets exceeding the strange scary creatures that lived in the dark part of the forest, were he had not dared to step. That was the part that made the forest evil.
Samson hugged Will’s neck. Will’s fur was like a blanket. Very comforting and fluffy. Samson stared at the sky. The sun was already retreating for the moon to take over. It would soon be time for him to visit the preacher. He had to dress and look human. He had clothes he had bought at the store. He felt a bit scared. No one except animals had seen him for ten years. And that was about to change. He hoped the visit would be fruitful.

Chapter 2
Dark seem to arrive slowly. Then, the guards seem to be more alert today. He waited for an opportunity but saw none. He had to wait till the next day and the next and another next. Then finally on the seventh day of the waiting, the guards dropped their guard. He signalled his pets to wait. He was certain that they could feel his nervousness. He smiled reassuringly and turned. He did his usual run but took a different turn. He headed to the church’s house. He knew everywhere in the village. He had a mental aerial view of the village from the top of a very tall tree back in the forest.
He reached the door and rested. He covered his face with a veil then knocked with shaky hands.
“Who is that? Come tomorrow.” he heard a voice from inside. He knew it had to be the preacher because he lived alone. Samson knew he could not wait to tomorrow. So he kept knocking until he heard footsteps then took two steps back. He heard a noise behind the door then the door opened slowly to reveal a fat sleepy-eyed man. Immediately the preacher saw him, he frowned. Samson taught of running but remembered he was wearing a veil that hid his identity.
“Go and tell your parents i want to sleep. Come tomorrow.” the preacher snapped.
“Sir, I came by myself. I need help.” he said.
“Ok, Come tomorrow you mannerless oaf.” the preacher said.
“I thought Christians are kind. Too bad I would have loved to be a Christian.” Samson replied and shook his head slowly. He turned and began walking away slowly.
“Just come. Before you go and start spreading rumours.” the fat man said. Samson smiled beneath the veil, he turned went back to the man.
“Start talking. Make it brief.” the man said with a frown that made him look like an ape.
“Sir, is it your God that creates everyone.” he asked.
“Yes. Is that all?”The man replied quickly.
“No. What of the blind kids?”
“Why did God create them like that?”
“God did not create them like that. It was the devil that tampered with them before they were born.” the preacher replied.
“Why did God not stop the devil from doing it?”He further asked.
“Read your bible. It is to glorify Him. Maybe for a miracle to happen or for you to get closer to Him. Then He uses you for wonders. Am not God, He knows all the answers. You can ask him. And please you can remove the veil. I have seen lot of one-eyed men” the preacher said. Samson just stood, digesting all the words. He did not notice the preacher step forward and pull his veil. Samson tried to stop him but it was too late. The veil left his face to the preacher’s hand.
“Jesus! Goatiah!” the preacher shouted in horror. Immediately Samson took to his heels and fled. Unfortunately the guards were already running towards him. He took a turn and ran. His heart was already pounding. He heard a gunshot. A bullet braced his shoulder. He cried out in pain and doubled his pace. He could feel his blood running down his arm. He turned to another corner then another. A man stepped out.
“Goatiah. Hide here.” the man said, pointing to a drum. Samson saw it was the man that always dropped water every morning. He heard footsteps approaching. Without thinking, he jumped into the drum and the man covered it. He could feel fear rising. What if the man had just trapped him? Perhaps he should just trust.
Time began to fly. He could hear people shouting. The shouting seem to be too much. He could not have caused that. Something else had to be happening. A thick roar confirmed it. He knew what was happening, his pets were coming to rescue him. And that could be disastrous. He had to act. He gathered all his energy and fell the drum then pushed himself out. He was helped up by his rescuer’s daughter. She didn’t seem frightened.
“It is not safe yet.” she said.
“I have to help my friends.” he replied and fled. He saw hunters running with guns. He made his legs move at its fastest. He saw his animals already scattered around the edge of the village. He ran to them and shouted. A spear was thrown at him. He could do nothing but watch it fly towards his face. Suddenly, Will came to his rescue. But unfortunately the spear struck Will’s side.
“Will!!!No!!!” he screamed. He checked the lion for life. The lion was still breathing. A bullet flew past his ear.
“Let us go.”Samson said and pulled the wounded lion away. The lion half-ran with him. He called all his pets back. He took all of them into the forest near the evil part. He knew the humans would not dare come there. He checked the lions wound. It was deep. He broke the visible part of the spear away. He hugged Will’s mane. How he loved this Lion. Tears began to pour from his eyes. Now the crazy humans had injured him. He was going to get back at them. He glanced back at all his pets. Two were also missing. Binlin and his wild pig, Fattock. He cried out in anger. He hoped they were not dead else those humans would pay. They called him a demon, and now he would show them he could easily release the demon in him. He picked up a stick and headed for the village. On his way, he heard a sound on a tree. He looked up to see Binlin. The monkey jumped down. He hugged the monkey tightly.
“I thought you were dead.” he said “We need to find Fattock”
An expression on the monkey’s face made him know that the pig was dead. He felt tears flow to his cheek again. He sat on the sand and began to cry. When he finished crying he stood up and went back to check Will. Will was already bleeding badly. He tried to stop the bleeding with his shirt and leaves but it helped just a little. He sat down feeling dejected beside the wounded lion. If this lion died, he was going to kill every human in that village.  He would do that by the help of this entire animal kingdom. His very own clique.
“Hello.” a female voice said. He jumped. He looked at all his animals. Which of them had spoken? Then, he saw her. She was not an animal. She was the girl that had helped him back at the village. What was she doing here? He sighted his Jaguar preparing to attack her from behind.
“Leave her!” He said and quickly walked to her side. She looked back and saw the jaguar. She immediately began to shake in fear.
“Don’t worry.” he said softly.”What are you doing here?”She lifted a red bag and stammered “I came to help. I thought you were hurt.”
He glanced at his shoulder. He had forgotten about the injury. The blood had dried.
“Forget me. Your people killed my pig and wounded my lion. If this lion dies. Your village is finished. I would attack you all.” he said, angrily. The girl had a sorrowful look on her face that made him feel sorry for a reason he could not say.
“Am sorry. Let me see if i can treat your lion. I am part of the red cross.” she said and stared into his eyes. He didn’t know what Red Cross meant. And her eyes made him feel uneasy. He managed to shake his head. She walked cautiously to the lion. He followed her. She opened her bag and brought out items he could not identify. He recognised only her scissors. He was not an illiterate but he still did not know everything in the human world.
She began to work calmly but kept glancing at the animals. He knew she was scared. So, he made all the animals stay a distance away. He studied her as she worked. He knew her very well. She dropped the water with her father every morning. She was always dressed smart and…
“Why are you staring at me?” she suddenly said without looking at him. He did not have any idea what staring meant.
“What staring?”He said.
“When I leave, you can check it in your dictionary.” she replied. How did she know he had a dictionary? She put a strange paper on Will’s wound. Will shook. She patted him softly. The lion seemed to calm beneath her hands.
“Am done. Remains you.” she said and faced him. He looked away. He didn’t like her looking at him.
“I have had worse wound before now.” he replied.
“Wounds not wound. If you say so. I have to leave now. Are you still attacking us?” she asked.
“I don’t know. Just let your village leave my clique alone.” he said.
“So you are the Clique leader. Good job. Your English is sound for a jungle boy. Seems like the books you have bought from the store has helped well.” she said. He noticed that she spoke confidently and stared into the eyes. She made him feel shy.
“How do you know?” he asked. She seemed to know a lot. She began to walk away slowly. He did not know if he was to follow. But when she began to speak, he followed.
“It is my father’s store. And you are the only one that does trade by bater in this advanced time.” she said.
“What is trade by barter?” he asked. She seem to have plenty big English.
“Exchanging goods for goods.” she said.
“Goods? Like plenty good people?” He asked. She was confusing him. She laughed softly, her laughter sounded good.
“Goods could also mean items.” she said. He still did not know what ‘item’ meant but he nodded.
“Don’t pretend. Check the meaning of i.t.e.m, g.o.o.d.s and p.r.e.t.e.n.d.”she said, spelling out the words. She had to be very smart. She had guessed that he did not understand the meaning of ‘item’ and even ‘pretend’.
“Ok.” he replied.
“Learn to also use your ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Be p.o.l.i.t.e” she said. She was behaving like a school teacher.
“Is your father angry that i take trade and barter?” he asked. She laughed again.
“Not take but do trade and barter. He is not angry. He likes you. And would like to help you. That is why he brings clean water for you so you won’t have to drink the dirty water that the animals drink.” she said.
“I knew it. How did you know that I am alive.” he asked. They had reached the edge of the forest so they stopped.
“Holy Spirit. Read your bible well” she said.
“Bible? The big story book.” he asked. She frowned.
“Not a story book. Read it like it is God.” she said. The way she spoke made him know the book was special. He did not like to see her frown again so he nodded like he understood.
“Bye-bye. I won’t tell anyone. I would visit tomorrow night to check on your lion. That is if you don’t attack.” she said and sneaked back to the village. She sneaked past five guards without them even suspecting. She had said ‘visit’. He did not understand the word. He said nothing as he watched her go. He was speechless. Today was a bad and good day. He had to go and check on Will and also check his dictionary then read the big story…bible. He immediately turned to begin.
He made a small fire to keep Will warm. He brought his books and the bible to the fire. He checked all the words he had to check, in the dictionary then he opened the bible. He had a weird feeling. The girl had made him see the book as sacred. He searched for the word “Holy Spirit”. He began from the first page. He searched till he got to about a quarter of the book. He began to feel very dizzy and tired. He left the book open and walked over to sleep beside Will. All his animals lay sleeping around him. He rested his head on the jaguar’s side. He stared at all members of his clique then closed his eyes.
‘If all animals become your friends then what would they eat?’ the question came to his head for the millionth time. And his answer remained; ‘I do not know’. He could not bear seeing his animals kill each other. That would be heartbreaking. He pushed the thought away. His shoulder began to ache. But he did not have enough time to think of it, for he entered into a deep sleep.

Chapter 3
He woke up the next morning with severe pain in his shoulder. He sat down and massaged his shoulder softly. Then he saw something terrible. Papers lay all around, he had forgotten to keep the bible and dictionary away from the animals. He frowned and looked around for the culprit. All the animals had already dispersed. All.  Including Will. What? Where did the wounded lion go? Then he remembered where he was. Little wonder, they all disappeared. He looked towards the dark part of the forest. He saw nothing but darkness mixed with feelings of being watched. He quickly got up and picked the scattered pieces of papers. He noticed the bible remained untouched. Only the dictionary had been tampered with. He picked the bible in awe. As he stared at the bible for scratches, he heard a noise above. He knew it was a monkey, which would be Binlin. He smiled and looked up. His expression became fearful as he saw a strange creature. He fell back in fear. The creature immediately darted towards the dark part. He caught a glimpse of one of the dictionary sheets in the creature’s hand. A chill ran down his spine as he realized that the creature must have gotten close to him and might have also touched him. He immediately took to his heels and ran to his own part. As he neared the underground home where he lived, the pain in his arm increased, making him to stop. He sat down and then lay on the floor in pain. Tears began to flow from his eyes. The pain was getting unbearable he quickly took off his shirt but it made the pain worse. He had not realized that his shirt had gummed to his wound. It was only a surface wound but it looked ugly. He knew the leaves to use to cure it. That was a good thing that came out from the time he had spent with the bad priest. He dragged himself to get the leaves. He saw some of his animals but took no time to pat them like he usually did. He found the leaves and went to the pond, where he mashed the leaves, washed his wound and applied the mashed leaves to the wound.
“Arrghh……..” he yelled as the leaves touched the wound. He peeled the dried portion away then put the leaves on it. He yelled louder in pain. He used his shirt to tie the leaves to the wound. It hurt pretty bad, that he had to lie down beside the pond and cry. He felt thirsty but he knew he couldn’t dare drink of the pond’s water. A super headache began. He closed his eyes and waited for the pain to go. He slept off but he awoke when something touched him. He jumped back in fear. But calmed when he saw it was Binlin not the other creature. He managed to stand. His vision was blurry. He walked slowly to the underground house. He could hear the monkey following him closely. He got to the house and lay down on his blanket.
Binlin lay down beside him. Samson closed his eyes and slept again, hoping for better health whenever he woke.
He woke hours later. He stared out and saw the sun was already fully out. The pain seemed to have subsided. He sat up and began to recall everything. Fattock’s death, Will’s injury, the strange creature and the girl. She was bound to ‘visit’ in the night. He had to make sure he protected her from his animals. They might see her as a threat. He had not finished her homework. He felt around for the bible then remembered he had forgotten it near the pond. He was about to yell in anger, when Binlin appeared with the bible and two other new monkeys holding fruits. He sighed in relief as he collected the bible. As he saw the fruits he realized he was hungry. The two new monkeys walked behind Binlin. He stretched his hand and patted them. They stayed and watched him with wide eyes. These monkeys were strange. They were unlike the other animals that would have pulled away from his first touch. Instead the monkeys began to feel at home. They walked all around. Samson ate their fruit-gifts of mangoes and oranges. He wished for a banana but monkeys hardly gave bananas, which was their best fruit.
Samson watched the monkeys play for a while before he decided to go out. He led the monkeys out and covered his door. He had to always cover his door else an intruder could go in and wreck the place. He could still feel the pain in his shoulder but it was lighter. He managed to climb a tree and spy the village. The news about his appearance must have gone around, for people seemed to keep glancing at the forest. He sighed and just watched. He did not even bother to check the school. He was not in the mood to learn today.
Binlin seemed to have noticed. For the monkey tapped him and pointed to his daily water source. Now that he knew the supplier, he felt uncomfortable.
He gave the monkey the signal to get it. As the monkey dashed for it, he remembered that he had forgotten to bring his bottle. Surprisingly, Binlin came with the water and produced his bottle from behind a tree. Samson jumped down from the tree and spinned the monkey around. He poured the water into the bottle and drank the rest. The water tasted of something. Something different but he could not tell what it was. Anyway, he trusted the girl. It could be that the water was only polluted. He sighed and stared at the crowd. Could there be a big mighty God out there in the clouds, watching over him. And why did he need that God. Why had that God created him like this? Like a goat. He hated seeing his reflection in anything not even the ponds unclean water. That big Guy up there had thousands of questions to answer. And the major one dealt with his appearance. The preacher’s words began to come to his mind. he tried to push the words of the man that had eventually caused the death of fattock, the injury of Will, his own injury and the villages discovery of him. He tried pushing the man’s words away but it kept coming back till he surrendered to it. Ok, maybe God had truly made him like that for a purpose. Maybe to be the clique’s leader. To protect his animals, to tame them, to teach them not to hurt each other but to live in safety. The one to fulfil the prophecy; “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” He immediately sat up. Where had he heard that prophecy? It had just come to his mind from the blue. He began to think. It most likely would have come from the Christian big storybook. The bible. The bible seems to be mysterious since he encountered the girl. He could hardly wait to see her again. But he had to find what Holy Spirit was before the girl came to ‘visit’ him. He was going to impress her. He turned to head back to his home. He looked around for the monkeys but they seemed to have dispersed.  He stretched which caused his shoulder to ache him. The pain had eased a bit.
As he started his journey back, he heard a noise. he sniffed the air. His noise cut human smell. The hairs at the back of his neck immediately stood. He cautiously followed the scent. Then he saw his nightmare. What he had always wished would never happen seemed to be happening, he saw the priest with several armed hunters approaching the forest. To get him. Or maybe kill him. His heart began to pound. He dashed back to his house in fear. he began wondering what to do. maybe he was to do what he was supposed to do yesterday. show them how dangerous his clique could be.
‘What about the Safety you have always wanted to stand for?’ a voice said in his heart.
‘Forget that? I would wreck those humans. They came for me and they would get my clique instead. That is why I am the clique leader’ he replied.
‘Who made you the clique leader?’ the voice said. The voice sounded gentle and came with unexplainable peace.
‘No one. Myself. I worked for it. It took years to earn this animals’ trust.’ he replied angrily. Where was the voice coming from? It sounded real.
‘Let me show you that it is not by your power but by my Spirit.’ the voice said.
“Ok. Prove it. Show yourself.’ he said angrily. He climbed a tree and did his cry. He waited for all his animal to gather but none came. He cried out several times but nothing happened. What was going on? Maybe they had not heard him? He was about to let another cry, when he heard movements. He saw it was Will approaching.
“Get over here Will.” He called out. Will looked at him but his expression was different. It seemed angry. He was about to jump down when Will jumped at him and made an attempt to tear him with his hand. He moved back in fear. The movement made him fall from the tree to the hard floor. He immediately stood on his feet. What was Will doing? He turned to look at Will. He saw the lion running for him, he immediately took to his heels. He sighted his jaguar ahead of them. He felt a bit relieved, perhaps the jackal would help, he thought. But unfortunately, the jaguar joined the chase. He continued running. His heart was pounding in his chest. What was wrong with his animals? What had the Voice done to them? He quickly climbed a tree and stared down. The jaguar fled from Will. Will stood there and roared angrily. This was one of the first time he saw Will as dangerous.
“Will it is me?” He called out,panting. Will kept roaring and walking around the tree in circles. Samson began wishing everything was only a dream. He remembered the animals not knowing him was not the only problem but the priest and the hunters were a bigger threat. He had to act fast else they were doomed. Or how else could he win the war without his team, his very own clique?
Something struck him in the face. He looked at what it was. It was a mango. It must have fallen from the tree, he thought. But as he looked up he saw several flying towards him. He ducked them and also avoided falling into Will’s arms. More mangoes were being tossed at him. He kept ducking and shielding them. He scanned the tree for his assailants. To his outermost surprise, he saw it was Binlin and the two new monkeys. They were acting wild and over-excited.
“Binlin!!! Stop this rubbish!” He yelled. The monkeys did not seem to understand him for they kept stoning him with hard mangoes. Tears began to fill his eyes as everything around him seem to go crazy. Without warning Binlin and his associates jumped on him. They began scratching him. He lost his balance and fell from the tree. As he landed on the floor, he closed his eyes awaiting the tearing of his bones by his ex-lion friend. But the Voice spoke.
‘Hold on Will.” The Voice said.
The voice always sounded in his heart, which made it freaky. He opened his eyes to see Will’s paws almost on his face. His heart was already running like an engine. He sighed as Will walked away and went to stand a distance away,watching him.
Samson sat up and said nothing. He waited for the Voice to speak but he heard nothing. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he spoke.
“Who are you? What do you want with my clique?” He asked. Silence. He was about to speak again when the Voice spoke.
‘You still haven’t gotten it. I own everything. I created them and you and the forest.” The voice said. The voice was a calm voice that spoke with authority.
“Are you God?” He asked.
“I am the I am that I am. The first and the last. The creator of the heavens and of the earth.” The Voice said.
He went into a shock. How could this be? He thought. How could he be speaking to God? God was in the sky not in his body or heart. Except if God was the Holy Spirit. At the moment, he immediately realised who the Holy Spirit was. He had read of him in the bible. He was Jesus’ Spirit. The Spirit that had made the disciples of Jesus to speak in tongues. He could recall several things about the Holy Spirit . And how excited he had felt when he had first read about Him. He had thought He was only a character in the big christian story book. Now everything seemed different and real. He began to tremble as things fitted to place.
“Am sorry. I did not know it was You.” He apologised in fear. Hope he was not going to die like the couple that had lied to Him and died.
“Fear not son. I am here to comfort you. You have to learn to trust me..” The Holy Spirit said.
A sound alerted him. He sniffed the air. He could smell humans coming closer. He sat up in fear.
“Can you kill those men for me?” He asked.
“Wisdom is greater than strength.” The Holy Spirit replied.
Samson did not like the idea but there was no time to argue, so he asked “What do I do?” The Holy Spirit gave him a great idea. The Holy Spirit did not speak to him but dropped it in his heart. He knew it was dropped by the Holy Spirit because the idea was out of his thinking capacity.
He immediately went to work. He walked cautiously to Will until he was sure the lion was back to normal. He did his gathering call. As he did it he ran. He could hear his clique coming together. He stopped at the pond and stared back. All the animals seem to have come. But he kept doing the call just incase anyone was missing. He went to the muddy part of the pond and rubbed himself in it. He signalled for the other animals to follow. The playful ones, like the monkeys immediately obeyed but the others proved stubborn. He tried persuading them but they remained adamant.
“Holy Spirit help me.” He said.
‘Command them in the name of Jesus’ the Holy Spirit said.
“In the name of Jesus I command you to obey me.” He ordered. To his amazement they walked by themselves to the mud. He was left stunned. This Holy Spirit had to be God. He heard noise of running men. He made the call again and ran with his clique to the dark part of the forest. They did not enter but they stayed at the outskirts. He kept making noise so that the priest and his team could find them. And they did find them but when they found them, they fled in fear. Who wouldn’t run when they saw black creatures in front of a known dark and scary place? Samson and his clique pursued, leaving a large gap in between them, so that even when an hunter fell he still had time to stand and continue running. Samson and his clique chased them till the hunters were out of the forest. But he made sure his clique stayed hidden in the trees’ shade. He sat on the floor and laughed. He laughed for a few minutes. The animals saw his excitement and began jumping around and making noise. The noise was very loud. He was sure the villagers could hear it. He laughed till his sides hurt. His eyes caught something lying on the floor. A gun. How great, he thought and smiled. There could be more. He began to retrace his steps and search. He found no guns again but machetes and a knife. All this could make him dangerous. He smiled again. His clique was becoming powerful. Thanks to the Holy Spirit.
‘Return them.’ He heard the Holy Spirit say but he ignored,pretending not to hear.
‘Return them.’ He heard again but still ignored. He tried to ignore but the words kept coming.
“Why? We need it.” He grumbled. He perceived the Holy Spirit say, ‘You don’t need it. You need me.’
He kept mumbling as he picked the weapons and tossed them towards the village one by one. He felt tempted to hide the knife but he knew that the Holy Spirit would know. So he tossed it away. As he was about to leave he saw a figure creeping from the village to the forest. Alarmed, he watched. He was about to break a tree branch to use as a weapon when he saw it was a girl. It had to be the girl. He hurried to meet her, but he covered his face with his veil.
When she saw him, she looked scared. She was about to scream when he remembered.
“It is me.” He quickly said. She stared doubtfully. So he took off the veil. He hated showing his face.
“What’s all over you?” She asked.
“Mud.” He replied.
“Why?” She asked, looking more comfortable.
“To look like the creatures of the dark part of the forest.” He replied and she smiled.
“No wonder the hunters said we should be careful that the creatures were out and about to attack. I quickly came to alert you.” She said.
“Holy Spirit helped me.” He announced excitedly. She stared at him like he was an alien.
“Seriously?” She asked. He nodded.
“That’s great.” She said, excitedly. “Gist me.” He did not know the meaning of ‘Gist’ but he guesses it meant he should tell her about all that had happened. He narrated everything to her. She said nothing till he was done.
“God is great.” She said putting her hands up in the air.
“I have to confess. I put medicine to make you well in your water.” She said. He frowned slightly. No wondered the water had tasted.
“I said I don’t want your medicine.” He said, controlling his anger.
“Am sorry. Did what I thought was best for you.” She said. They both remained silent.
“Some missionary came to the village and they heard of you. They were angry that people thought you were a demon.” She said. He felt alert. He did not know what ‘Missionary’ meant. He suspected it to mean the local police officers. But why would they want to help him, when they had supported the decision of the priest to toss him away. The girl seem to notice his expression because she quickly said.
“Relax, they are good guys. Christians like me.” She said.
“Like the preacher?” He asked, wanting to be sure they would not scream on seeing him.
“Nicer than the preacher. They are the ones that brought christianity to us. They are the ones that even taught the pastor. They were angry that he yelled at you. Sorry about that.” She said. He had noticed she always spoke long.
“I don’t want to see anyone.” He said and looked away. But he caught a look on her face that made him add. “Except you.”
“I understand. But they are feeling bad that you are all alone in the forest.” She said.
“Am not alone. I have my clique.” He said and quickly added “And the Holy Spirit.” She smiled.
“Did you read of Paul in the bible?” She asked.
“Yes but I can’t remember too well.” He replied.
“What of Peter?”
“Ok. Go and read your bible. They were the disciples of Jesus. They….” She said but he interrupted.
“I know Jesus. He is the magic man.” He said,delightedly. But she did not look to pleased.
“Not magic. They were miracles. Magic is worldly.” She said. He nodded.
“Minacule.” He mumbled.
“Not Minacle, I said mi….ra…cle..” She said.
“Miracle.” He said.
“Correct.” She said. He could not help smiling. But it hurt him that the girl was too brilliant for him. She kept bringing new words.
“Ok read about the disciples at the back part of the bible. Apart from yesterday, when last did you read the bible.” She said.
“Uhh….. Long time.” He said.
“Hmm….. You need to read it everyday. And I mean everyday.” As she said this, she moved around like a school teacher. And he did not like it.
“Ok.” He said, half-heartedly.
“Ok read it. And…..” She kept talking but he was no more listening, he was focusing on some of his animals roaming about with mud still on their body.
“What did I say last?” Her question brought him back to the present. He stared at her blankly. She frowned. An idea popped into his mind. A way to show her she did not know everything.
“Let me show you the forest. Things you have never seen.” He said. She looked excitedly at him. He signalled for her to follow. She followed cautiously. He began showing her strange fruits. Giving her to taste. He showed several types of trees,plants and so on. She proved to have an edge by knowing the rightful names of things and not his own given names.
“It is getting dark.” She said. He looked at the sky. It was getting dark. The fun had not made him notice the darkening sky.
“I would come early tomorrow. There is no school tomorrow.” She said. She kept talking of all what she had seen till she got to were they were to separate.
“Bye, Goatiah.” She said. But he frowned deeply.
“Sorry, what did I say wrong? Is your name no more Goatiah?” She asked.
“No am Samson.” He said.
“Oh. Sorry. Bye Samson the clique Leader.” She said and hurried away before he had time to ask for her name. She was a restless person. Always talking and moving. But Samson liked her that way, apart from the fact that she was too brilliant.

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