Author: T.D Adams

What is DEIRW?
Well don’t think i am writing gibberish or nonsensible words. Actually it is D.E.I.R.W, an acronym. Please be patient and read, don’t fling this book away.
Imagine you were to play a game of scrabble with five tiles and you could play anywhere and anything. And the tiles happen to be D,E,I,R and W. What would you play?
Maybe something like weird or wired. That’s great. Now let us understand the meaning of the words you played. Let’s begin with the word ‘Weird’.

What does weird actually mean? It means being unusual, different or not normal. Most people think it is a bad idea to be unusual or different. But no, it is not. You don’t always have to follow the crowd. You would notice that weird people stand out. Everyone seems to be talking about them.
You can be weird in different ways, it can be in your dressing, talking (speech), your choice of games, your academics, business ventures etc. It really pays to be weird.
One weird thing that happens in my country Nigeria (perhaps also in the world) is to see a teenager or youth sold out to Christ.
Actually we won’t be talking only about what WEIRD means. We would be telling you how to be W.E.I.R.D. What makes you weird is the W.E.I.R.D. What’s the difference huh?
W.E.I.R.D means being
W- Wonderful
E- Edified
I-  Intelligent
R- Responsible
D- Different
It is the 5 letters that makes you really weird. They are the things that make you stand out and let people always want to be around you. Am W.E.I.R.D. Are you? If you want to be then continue reading.

Chapter 1
Wonderful means very good, pleasant, enjoyable, making you feel surprise or admiration for something.
What makes people wonderful? Well if i should answer, i would say ‘a lot of things’. One can be their dressing or hairstyle. You can dress and stand out. That doesn’t mean you should dress exposively, that would make you cause people to sin and fall into lust. That can even help the person secure a great position in hell. And for the person that caused it, mark 9 vs 42 speak to them.
Don’t be scared, i won’t get all too spiritual on you. Well back to the topic, you can be wonderful by dressing good and simple. Just go to your wardrobe and combine something someone has never tried but please don’t dress like you are just back from the village. You can get a good combination and walk heads up. In a matter of time, people would be staring at you.
You can also meet your tailor or seamstress to try out your own personal designs. It is ok to take a risk than to regret not taking the risk before another person did.
People might insult the dressing but don’t mind them. Most of them are either jealous(of the attention you are getting) or proud (they don’t just want to tell you its great). If your combination is great people would start copying your style and what would that make you? A wonderful dresser and a celebrity.
After this breakthrough, people would start watching you for greater styles. And i tell you, whatever you wear next whether ‘a little bit ok, good or very good’ would make a hit. So go to your wardrobe and try being a wonderful dresser and a fashion celebrity.
Your hairstyle can also make you stand out. You could try some new style and please try to look different and don’t look like a rascal. You try a combination of weavons(girls) or even try a different hair shape. And people would buy the idea and you would be a wonderful hair inventor.
Also in your business or workplace you can be wonderful. You can arrange your table in a lovely manner or even add flowers or attractive things. I tell you, your colleagues and friends would always want to come and chat with you. You would also receive comments like “Wow, this is wonderful”, “I love this.” and so on and so forth. The next week, you would come to work and some of your friends have copied. But the proud and jealous ones would call it ‘childishness’.
You can also be wonderful by the sports you play, music you listen to or the way you act or talk. Everyone really wants to hear their friends say ‘you are wonderful’, ‘i love the way you speak. It’s cool’. ‘He is a wonderful player or guitarist’ etc.
Another way to be wonderful is to be YOU. People would always love you when you are real and not fake. Be original and do it with style.
Being wonderful helps you boost your esteem and makes you adored. Everyone would be waiting for what you would do, say or eat, next. So take a bold step and try being wonderful…………….

E- Edified
What is Edify? It means to improve people’s mind or characters by teaching them about something. ie. to be edified means to be recent or up to date.
Well how can we get edified? By reading books, magazine or newspaper but most especially the Bible. Other ways are by the internet or researching. One thing about edification is that it never ends. You continue forever.
You want to become an edified teenager, youth or even business person? Then get wisdom and in all thy getting get understanding.
Most celebrities or stars (well everybody is a star, it just depends on how bright you choose to shine) remain at the top by improving themselves.
As a fashion designer or cake decorator, you should read fashion magazines or cake books. You can always go to the internet for more information instead of wasting your internet subscription on the meaningless.
The internet is a very big help in edification. You have to discover your talents and abilities then improve it. Everybody has a special ability/talent. Just pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you know your talents and when you know them, begin to use and improve them.
You can make friends with people of the same mindset or line of work. You would be better when you share ideas and let your ideas birth better ideas.
A very important way of edifying yourself is the Bible. It would make you think better and grant you access to divine wisdom. Just imagine God revealing great things or unknown styles of the future to you. Well you would be an inventor of your speciality. God can reveal things through dreams or even put the ideas into your head. Just imagine how cool that did be.
My advice is that you edify yourself and keep on moving forward and don’t stop for a minute, it could ruin you.

I-  Intelligent
Intelligent means good at learning, understanding and thinking in a logical way about things or able to understand/learn things.
Every person is intelligent but some people don’t seem to know or believe that. You would always be intelligent in your areas of speciality or at times even out of your area of speciality.
Knowledge is an important factor of being intelligent. If you want to be intelligent in any field, just keep on gathering knowledge about that field.
Another factor that would help is for you to have interest in that area or field. Your interest in an area or field would make you have a strong driving force and it would aid your learning.
It is not ok to be interested and have knowledge alone. You must also concentrate, use it and always be hungry for more. Too much knowledge does not have side effect.
Just keep on learning and edifying yourself and you would be intelligent. I tell you, intelligent people are really weird. Everyone would be busy chatting or wasting time but the intelligent ones would be gathering more knowledge.
Intelligent people stand out because when everybody are searching for solution or don’t know the solution, they would come to you. But please don’t be over-studious. Remember, ‘All work without play makes Jack a dull boy.’. Always try to have fun at times. Play games, watch television or even go shopping with friends. Etc
Intelligence gives you respect among your friends, they would always want to be around you.
The major source of intelligence is GOD. Always pray and ask Him for wisdom. Our kingdom service can also help us in getting divine wisdom. Remember Solomon asked for wisdom and he got it. Till date he is still known because of his request.
One thing about God given wisdom is that it is from above and surpasses all. So please settle for divine wisdom and not just earthly one.
God is waiting for you to ask for it. Why don’t you just ask and receive it?

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