I call upon the Lord; morning and night doeth I pour my supplications to Him
I tell Him how troubled I am
Everyone hast forgotten me, no one cares for my soul anymore
But You o Lord are my all in all
You are my everything and I trust in You
Save me from the wicked and let me praise You forever, for You have had great compassion on me

Thanks be unto the Lord forever and ever
May His name be praised till eternity
I cried and called upon Him and He heard my cry
He saved me and set me on high
Oh how thirsty I am for His voice
His words are pure and sweet
May His glorious name be praised forever.  Amen.  Hallelujah.

Blessed be Lord God almighty, who teaches me and prepares me for all my battles
He is my strength, rock, shield, dwelling place and my all in all
He keeps me at the top and does not let anyone smite me. He gives me dominion over millions
O Lord God why doeth Thou care so much for mere humans like me
We are only dust, and mortal
Lord step into the earth and destroy all the wicked. Use Your mighty right hand to scatter them. For they speak evil and lies
Rescue me from their traps and keep me in Your wings
Blessed are the people who serve the Lord,
For He would always be there to save them. Hallelujah

I will exalt the King of Israel,  the King of all nations. I will praise His name forever and ever
Early in the morning i would rise and praise Him
At night would i worship His holy name
Excellent and mighty is His name
Great is our God, the King of the whole world
The earth and everything belongs to Him
He lives forever.  His throne and majesty is eternal, time is under His feet
Generations upon generations would worship Him
He would rescue all who calls His name
He would honour all invitations to make our body His temple
Why won’t i praise Him? I would shout and proclaim He is God of and over all
May His name be praised forevermore. Hallelujah

Joy and gladness of soul be unto all who trust the God of Zion
For the Lord never fails
Men fail for they are mere flesh and blood
Their spirit would leave while their flesh turns to dust
But our God is eternal.  He created the whole universe
The Lord watches over His creations
He delivers the afflicted and rescues the poor
The Lord watches over strangers and every of His creation
Blessed be the name of our God
He shall rule every generation to come. Hallelujah

Praise be unto our good God, He is mighty and exceedingly great
He mends broken hearts, He heals the sick. He gives wisdom to the simple, He reveals His secrets to His children
Bless His holy name forever
The Lord knows the number of sand in the world,  He measures the whole ocean with His palm
He makes sure the food web is balanced
God is the general overseer of all
May His name be praised forever more.  Hallelujah

Let the whole universe and praise the Lord
Let the mountains and high places bow and praise Him
The trees and forest shall worship and praise Him
Praise Him o ye sun, moon and stars
Let songs of praise be heard from everything the Lord has made
Praise our Creator for He created us with excellent hands. May His glorious name be praised forever and ever. (Amen)

Glory be unto our Lord in the heavens
We would praise our creator,
For He rules forever
We would praise Him with songs, dances and the musical instruments
Let everyone be filled with joy and celebrate our King
Let every living things’ mouth have a word of praise in them
Our praises shall work as a weapon
It shall pour hot coals on the wicked and shall break all the chains of the afflicted
It shall bring down God’s judgement upon the earth
We shall all sing His praises for we have full victory in our Lord Jesus. Amen

Praise the Lord God Almighty who reigns forever
Sing unto His holy name, dance in praise of His mightiness. Wave your hands in adoration
Let the oceans praise Him with a dance
Let the rock and mountains clap their hands
Let the clouds spin in joy
Let every created both living and non living scream and bless His holy name.
Now, let’s all Praise the Lord!

It is finished. Hallelujah.


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