When everything seemed over, I called unto the Lord and He turned things to my favor
Save me o Lord from lies and evil accusations
How do we make you o false tongue, to stop
It is painful to live amongst drunken men
I have lived too long with people who love wickedness.

I will keep my eyes fixed on You o Lord for You are my helper
You would preserve and keep me from pain
Not even a pin would touch my skin
You would direct my path aright
My movements are protected by You o Lord
I relax in the bed of Your love
The waters of Your love has soaked me
The waves of Your love carries me in joy
Your love is my life.

Joy fills me whenever it is time to go to the tabernacles of the Lord
My heart jumps when it is time to worship the Lord
We have been waiting in Your tabernacle o Lord
Let Your peace and love flood us
Your tabernacle is beautiful and filled with hope
Your tabernacle is the keeper of justice and wisdom
I would pray for Your tabernacle o Lord
I would serve in it for Your glory. Hallelujah

I would fix my eyes on the King of the heavens
For I am Your servant, and servants look up to their masters
I would look unto Thee o Lord until Thou hast mercy on me
For the devourer stands awaiting to devour
Lord have mercy on me and rescue me

If God’s love and mercy had not been on us,
We would have been chopped to pieces by the enemies
We would have drowned in the red Sea
If not for His mercy, where would we be?
Praise the name of the Lord which saves and can do the impossible
Blessed be our God and King. Hallelujah

To trust in the Lord is wisdom
The people that trusteth in the Lord  remain steadfast forever
They are circled by God’s love
From East to West, North to South, the Lord surrounds them
No evil dwells near them, for the Lord has put the wicked far from them
The Lord does good to all His people
Peace be unto the righteous.

It looked like a dream when the Lord turned our story
We sang with joy, we laughed at our past
Our mockers were shut up, they joined to praise the Lord
They said “The Lord has brought them into excellent wealth”
He who is poor now, shall be rich tomorrow
Praise the Lord! Blessed be His name forever

Efforts are useless without the Lord’s approval
The Lord is the only One that can bring anything to pass
It is needless for you to work day and night. For God gives His chosen sleep
Children are the blessing of the Lord
They are extra strength to their father
They give their father something to talk of in the midst of his friends.

Wise men doth fear the Lord,
For they know the benefits;
They would grow old and see their great grand children
Their seeds shall be like a palm tree
Their wife shall be a fruitful vine
Blessings and more blessings shall be poured on them
Wealth, long life and peace are their portion

Afflictions rose against me,
The wicked mocked me and caused havoc for me,
But the righteous God of Israel would never let the wicked rule,
He has put them to shame and letter be burned like dry leaves
Blessed be the people who serve the Lord. Hallelujah

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