O Lord why hast Thou let the enemies steal away our possession
We didst good and they turneth it against us.
Lord come and save us.
Let us not reap evil where we have sown good.
Lord let the devouring fire be stopped.
Let the wicked be put to shame.
For our God is the King of kings.
He hast saved us severally and would save us yet again.
May the name of God be praised.
We are rest assured in the Lord.
We trust Him to deliver us. He never forsakes us.
Blessed be the name of our God,  Messiah.

We praise Thee O Lord
We give thanks unto Thy name
We exalt Your name on high
You keep blessing us
You are the pillar that holds our lives
You would pour Your wrath on our enemies
Your mighty arms shall hold us
Blessed be the name of our God whom is the defender of the righteous
He exalts the righteous and keeps them under His wings.


Everywhere is the name of God known.
Every continent is His name worshipped
In Africa do we worship and praise Him
He never ceases to be praised
He has destroyed all weapons.  He has sent His peace upon us
His word has calmed the earth
God arose in His wrath and declared judgement upon the earth
The Lord is greatly feared, when His wrath rises, the wicked flee into hiding
The Lord shall cut off the wicked
The Lord is mighty and excellently great.  Selah

I depend on Thee o Lord
I sing songs of remembrance unto Thee of Lord
Do not forget me o Lord my God
Let Thy mercy fall upon me
Send Thine angels to come and lifts us
For the wicked refuseth to surrender
O Lord come and save me, for Thou hast always saved me
I will remember the works of the Lord for He has done marvellous things for me
I will praise His name forevermore
Hallelujah for my God reigns. Thank you Lord. Selah.

Hide not thy testimonies from thy generations
Declare the good works of the Lord to everyone that crosseth thine paths
Praise the Lord every minute.  Go and sing unto Him in His tabernacle
Forget not what the Lord hast done
He hast feed us with heavenly manna
He hast given us wine to drink
Meat and fishes has He filled our store with
The Lord has given us fountain of water to quench our thirst
He has blessed us with more than sufficient
He has shephered us to our land of glory
We had suffered shame and reproach in the wilderness
We had lacked food and water
People mocked and thought it was our end
But our God rose up and took over our case
He brought us out of the wilderness
None of us died or missed
Now we stand as a strong nation and mighty people of God
Blessed be the name of our God forever. Hallelujah.  Selah

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