Hallelujah, praise God with your hands
Clap and sing unto His name
Sing praises and worship Him
Play the instruments of music to His glory
Dance and spin with joy
Call Him by His names
Our God is mighty, He has subdued all our problems. And put us to stand as kings
Praise our merciful and good King. Selah

Mighty is our God and mighty is His name
With joy and gladness do we sing unto His holy name
Our God is righteous and pure
His majesty is forevermore
The Lord is our shield and stronghold
The Lord hast afflicted our enemies with the plagues of  egypt
The Lord fights our battle and rescues us
Blessed be the name of our God
He reigneth forever. To Him be all the glory

I acteth strong, people think me strong
But i fall through my iniquity
My loins bringeth me shame
My iniquity circle me
I say to myself ‘I will overcome’ but when the battle come, i fight not
Instead, i let myself be deafeated
I let strange women entice me
I fight not or quarrel with them
But when the deed is done,i regret
I realize i have made the same mistake again
I walk to the Lord head bowed in shame
I ask for forgiveness and mercy
And the good mighty God grants me my request
The Lord restores me and sets me back on my feet
The Lord granteth me the wisdom to overcome.


What can we offer to the Lord?
Yes, what can we give the Creator of the world?
Everything is created by Him
Shall we offer the created to the Creator?
What can we offer?
Is it not a joyful and thankful heart
The Lord delighteth in a pure and righteous heart
O ye wicked, flee before the wrath of the Lord falleth on you
But o ye righteous, stand and be of good courage
Praise the Lord with thine lips
Whosoever praiseth the Lord glorifieth Him
Praise the Lord and He would show you His salvation and mercy


O Lord wash away my sins and purify me
For i am a sinner, iniquity gets hold of me
Wash me Lord, with the blood of Your son
Grant me grace to overcome
Take away my self righteousness and grant me Your righteousness
Save me from lust and sin
Be my saviour and my shepherd
And let me sing hallelujah with holiness in your temple.
For the Lord rejoiceth in a clean and pure heart.

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