Hear the voice of my heart o Lord
For my heart worshipeth You and prayeth unto You
Keep me from evil o Lord
Hide me from the wicked schemes of the wicked
The wicked plan sorrows and tears for me
They rise up and cometh against me with violence and craftiness
But God shall smite them and rescue me. No evil shall come near me
The righteous joy in the Lord for He upholds them and saves them from the hands of the wicked. Selah
Glory be to our Lord God in the heavens.

Praise be unto the Lord now and forever
Our God is great and magnificent
He created the thousands drops of water in the sea
He made the moons and stars
The clouds show His glory
The night sky show the Lord’s creativity
The Lord is the best architect
His designs on the earth are wondrous
Praises upon praise be unto the Lord most high forever. Hallelujah. Our God reigns


Praise be to God Almighty,
Who has created the heavens and the earth
Our God is marvelous
His works are magnificient
He created everything with a unique design
Great is our God
His eyes watch over His children
He maketh way for them when there seems to be no way
The Lord has tried His children
He has made us work through the desert
But finally, He has blessed us and taken us to higher grounds. Selah
Blessed is our God who answers prayers. Amen. Selah

Praises should be sang up to the heavens
Every nation should praise thee of Lord
Let all the earth praise thee, o Lord
Let them sing with joy. Let them sing and praise you with all instruments of music
Let the earth bounce with praise unto the Lord.
O Lord bless us and strengthen our bones so that we may praise you forever
Praise be unto our God who watches us from the heavens.  selah

Flee all ye enemies for our God has risen
Our God comes in flames of fire
Thunders and lightening doeth the Lord send against them
The Lord is our stronghold and shield.
Praise the Lord. The Lord rescues us from the mouth of the lion and bear
He has brought us out of a desolate land
He has given us victory round about
His light shineth in our lives
People stare at us and wonder what has made us exceedingly wealthy
They wonder what  makes God love us so much
It is your grace Lord that carries us to a higher level
Blessed be Thy name o God. Your name o God is yaweh.  Selah

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