The wicked exalteth himself above all
He smiles only when he doeth mischeif
He seeketh the blood of the righteous
He layeth traps for the upright; he sets his net to catch them
But our God is our rock and fortress
The plans of the wicked faileth
They fall into their nets, they shed their own blood
Their swords are broken and their arrows falleth into their sides
They are trampled as the dust
Be not jealous of the evil men for they shall end up in the grave
Their wealth and power shall wither away
Their fame shall fall and die like a leaf
But the righteous never run dry, they are like a tree planted by rivers of water
They stand tall and their glory is in God
Blessed be the name of our God who never fails
His mercies endureth forever.


O Lord, be Thou merciful unto me
For my sins cover me
My weakness get the best of me
My loins causeth mischeif
My willpower faileth me
My mind bringeth unwanted thoughts
My enemy take advantage of the situation
They point accusing fingers at me
They seeketh my downfall
But Thou, o Lord art my Hope and salvation
I look unto Thee because Thou only can save me
Blessed be the Rock of my salvation
Hosanna reigneth.

I will watch my words and hold my tongue lest i should sin in the multitude of words
My tongue shall be controlled by the Lord
With my voice would i praise You
With songs would i worship You
With words would i preach Your salvation
For Thou hast put a fire in my tongue
Words bringeth life
Not only with my mouth would i praise You but from my heart, o Lord
For thou hath Holy and pure
I would praise Thy name forever. Selah

Thou o Lord hath a great God
Thy works are marvelous
Thine hands feedeth the poor
You never forsake the righteous
Those that waiteth patiently on the Lord, receiveth their heart desire
Blessings upon blessings has the Lord given me
Numerous talents hath the Lord granted unto me
He blessed my hands to write, Yea about His mercies doth i write
My hands play the instruments of musick
I clap my hands in praise of His name
I draw and design to His glory
The talents in my hands maketh room for me
The Lord hast blessed me so well
His love has transformed me
I would rejoice always and praise Thy name. Hallelujah. Selah



O Lord, Thou hath highly exalted
Your name be praised forevermore
Your ways are perfect and glorious
And Your ever abiding mercy reigns forever
My iniquity consumed me
It tore down my power and stinged me
But my power canst save me
Thy power is my Hope, for Thy mercies has saved me
Your grace has rescued me
I would praise Thy name o Lord
For Thine kingdom is everlasting and mighty

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