A great and mighty man
With an ever gentle and calm face
With a deep hearted laughter
A man so filled with the Spirit
A man so soaked in the love of God
A mentor and a teacher
An excellent role-model
A father to numerous children
A pastor to multitudes
A preacher to nations
A counselor to the world
A man whose beautiful heart has become more beautiful than beauty
A man who lives his life to serve
A man that lives to please the Lord
A man that has birthed hope into lives with his written and spoken words
A man that God has used so mightily
A man that God has used before
A man that God is using now
A man that God would continue to use forever
This man is the co-ordinator of the teenage ministry with the loudest voice in the world
This man is Pastor Timi Adigun. aka Uncle Timi.
#TrueCoach #GreatMentor #MineTm
#TimilehinAdigun #TrueFriends


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