Emma: I would become a billionaire  in the next two years. Then i would marry Lindsey in the best events hall in the world. We would have our honeymoon in Paris…. No, in Texas. I would buy her a pure diamond ring. We would own our own private jet.
Junior: Is that all?
Emma: No. I would also…
Junior: Wait. Let me say my own. I would do my own wedding in the moon. My house would be made of gold. My…
Tobi: Your own is even small. I would do everything all of you are saying. Then I would order every president to come for my wedding in Mars. That day would be a public holiday. Then….
David: Abeg it is ok joor. Be realistic for once. Mtchew……  Aimless dreams that can’t even answer to faith. Abeg be realistic. Drink your garri and live on. If you are not ready to work then keep quiet. Mtchew….. Unrealistic human beings.

After David finishes speaking, everyone shut up and say nothing. They continue drinking their garri solemnly.

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