As people pass by, they hear noises
The noise distracts them but they have no idea what is going on
Few try to peep in but the fence is just too high
The noise increase and distract neighbors, who come and pound on the gate
They call in; someone replies with a harsh voice and says ‘Get lost. Leave me alone. Am fine’
The neighbors return to their houses except for a W.E.I.R.D man


The man climbs over the fence and meet the house in complete disaster
Water has flooded the house, there is a fire outbreak in the kitchen. There are broken pipes, the roof has fallen off and many others
The W.E.I.R.D man helps to put it back in order and keeps coming to check if all is truly well
People might seem well and pretend to be well but it takes W.E.I.R.D people to go the extra mile and save them. Choose to be W.E.I.R.D now.

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