This is an explosion
Yea, an explosion in the whole nation
It is an explosion that would affect all creation
This is an explosion of blue?
Hahaha I got you lost right?
Ok just chill. Blue signifies trust, nature, honesty, authority, religion, wisdom and inner confidence
Let’s stick with nature
The blue sky and sea
Ok. Back to start
There is an explosion of blue
An explosion of nature
Nature comes alive
The sea looks good, let’s count one to five,
Before we take a dive
Hmm…. I smell honey in the bee’s hive
Let’s run into the forest
To get milk from the cow’s breast
And pick eggs from the birds nest
Let us sing beautiful songs on the mountains crest
Let us enjoy nature at its best
And let us not treat it as a pest
As for me, I would pull it close to my chest
Oh how I love nature……..
Yea, how I love the blue explosion.


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