The choristers sing
The drummer’s drums
The clappers clap
The music plays
And worshippers worship
The cold is rising
Yet I stand trying to worship
I sing beautiful songs yet I do not sing
‘Pa Pa Pa’ goes my hand yet I am not clapping
The language of the sons of God is heard from my lips but yet I do not speak in tongues
People fall on their knees in adoration of El-Sali. But I stand trying to adore Him
I guess everyone seems to have caught the cold
I can see them shivering in worship and sweet prayer
I stand in my simple clothes but all I feel is a warm breeze
How do I catch the cold?
I wanna be among these true worshippers
‘Why not just surrender. Strip off the pride cardigan that has been holding you bound.’ The tiny voice says
I slowly remove the cardigan and the full force of the cold hits me
‘Halleluyah.’ I scream from the impact of the cold
I worship like there is fire in my veins
Now I know I have caught the cold.


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