The sun hides from the earth
Everywhere goes dark and black
Finally the night arrives while the day sleeps
It becomes silent, almost as if all tongues have been arrested
Strange faint noises begin to rise
Night creatures begin to creep out of their hiding place
They don’t need to hide anymore, the people of the day are deep asleep
It is their time to rule
They fly about with their wings
They roam about in our home but we hardly realize
They dwell in the dark but are not dark
They love to play in the dark


But suddenly a temporary morning is switched on and a creature of the morning strikes them down
Their death is horrible and they get no funeral
No tears are shed just smiles
They maybe pests but they do not seek our harm
The night belongs to them while the morning belongs to us
R.I.P to all cockroaches, insects etc that have been killed by us when we switch on our bulb and smite them with our slippers.

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