Forgotten by the seaside
Sitting all alone
Just watching the dancing waves
Letting the wind toss about her curly hair
Feeling the sharp sand beneath her
From afar, she looks beautiful and ok
A damsel and hot bae
You did say she is only relaxing and enjoying the taste of the seaside
But as you step closer, you would see her shaking shoulders and the tears on her cheek
You would realize she is feeling cold beneath her white linen gown
You would realize that she is in need of help
If you ask her, she did say she is ok


She may shout on you to leave her alone
Would you apologise and go your way?
Or would you sit beside her and say nothing till she gives up and speak?
She is only confused and frustrated, so don’t care about her words
Please help her when you see her
From afar she looks all good but don’t let your assumption stop you from saving her
She may resist but fight to save her
Do save her before she commits suicide
Watch for her by the seaside of life
The moment you see her please do save her.

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