U. Timi asked us to write on our first or any crush. I wrote half way and continued months later.(B.A.L.L2015)

She sat thinking no guy was nearby
Never knowing she was seen by a passerby
She took off her scarf’s tie
What beautiful hair did the passerby see
Then she glanced back and saw me
Me, I, the passerby
She quickly put her scarf back on
But i had already had my feelings box switched on
One look at her had sent into me a spark
A spark that had hit the mark
This was the beginning
I always wished to see her face
Her beautiful face,
I could not tell her race
I think the bae is from Pakistan
Hmm…. Am falling for a Pakistani bae
But unfortunately, we never spoke
Life took us in different directions
But i can never forget her
She was one of my biggest crush
Or even my biggest.

N:B: Would have love to put her picture here but I only have a blurry picture of her

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