Unable to forget her
Unable to clear my mind of her
Feelings from me, to her
Hard feelings for her
Feelings that I fight everyday
For they seem to want her in my bed
They want me touching her
And she looks willing to accept
Perhaps she is waiting for my call


But how can I make the call when I know it is wrong
Wrong and sinful
When I know it is mere lust and nothing close to love
How do I control these hard feelings for her?
It makes my body get awakened early
It makes me pleasurize my stick
It makes me mess up my shorts with white liquid
So what do I do?
Put it to sleep
Know that you are not your feelings
Stay away from lustful materials
Kill your flesh and feed your Spirit
Importantly, follow the Holy Spirit..
Take time to pray in the Holy Ghost
There is a spirit of lust
And you have to fight it with the Spirit of God
It is a war. So put on your Armour
And fight.

Stay tuned with:


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