Hello mic.(Grips mic)
Are you ready for me to use you?
Ok, thanks
Let’s begin
Hello mic
I know you act like a prostitute,
Letting anyone use you
All, the good, bad and ugly
I know you don’t care how they use you
They may grab you from your  waist, leg or head
They may hold you with two hands
And after they are done they toss you on the floor
Quite unfair uhn..
Hello mic


I want you to know that I feel your pain
I feel the pain you go through, when Jimmy spits on you
When he says cuss words into your face
When he grips you hard in presentation-tension
I feel your pain mic
I know they make you take what you don’t want
Using you to fill their evil pleasure
I am Sorry for calling you a prostitute
You are a young fella sold into sex trade
Am sorry that you might never be rescued
But I can only assure you that me and my Christian buddies aint gonna help destroy you
We would show you love and never have the sex with you
We would preach through you and not please through you
Yeah, we ain’t gonna please men
Sorry for your scars and pain
Mic….. Know that I truly love you
Yours sincerely, T.D Adams
Thanks for listening. Bye. (Salutes mic and leaves stage)

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