She is very innocent
Her innocence is like a nectar,
that draws everyone to her
Her innocence is pure
Pure like filtered oxygen
Yeah, she is like an oxygen
Making everything around her come alive
She also owns an inner beauty
A beauty sweet like honey
A beauty that makes you want to spend more time with her
Nectar, beauty and honey
What a wonderful triangle created by God and put in her
She is a unique and lovely girl
A friend I respect and admire
Any girl that possess this triangle is her
#JaneKareem #TrueFriends


Bright eyes
Beautiful face
Wonderful smile
Unique voice
Perfect woman
Lady of innermost strength
A writer with a golden pen
An intelligent and brilliant lady
She is more than a friend
She is a highly valued sister
A sister with so much respect
A sister I love spending time with
She is who she is created to be.
#JaneKareem #TrueFriends

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