18.1.15 during church services @ the ark. U. Timi asked everyone to do something that there was a good atmosphere. Some people composed songs, wrote etc. I wrote this poem;

1,Everywhere road,
Heart street.
Soul state.
Whole wide world.
18th Jan,2015
Dear Charity,
                      I see you everytime yet I want to see you more. I like the way we work and walk together.
My life was filled with patches till I met you. You are so perfect and super. Whenever I see you, I get inspired and motivated. Your beauty intoxicates me.
                  Our shared intimacy is so explosive that it changes me and the world. Yes you are in the whole world. Your kindness is better than *gold. You are sweeter than the honeycomb.
                    There are a lot of things you have taught me that I would never forget. You taught me to rejoice in the truth. You taught me to speak up despite what the world thinks. You taught me never to fear. You taught me to fight for you forever.
                       Your lips are so soft as a wool. Your bright sky blue eyes are fascinating. Your kiss is healing and transforming. You have given me life eternal. You made Christ die for me. I would never leave you. You are the reason for my living. I would hold tight unto you. I would cling unto you even in harsh times.
                     I love your other name. That name is so perfect. Which is love. Yes, Your name is Love and God is Love. Thank God you live in me. You have transformed me a lot. I love you, charity. I would read your love letter to me in 1cor13 again and again.
Your beloved,
T.D Adams.

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