I fell in love with her
I wake up every morning to see her awakening
People see her and ignore her
Sometimes people hate her
She aids life but hardly gets compliment
They murmur and curse her
They don’t just want to understand her
Sometimes she makes me sweat and I don’t fancy  this
Her nature could at times be torturing
But I smile whenever I see her
She is very beautiful and hot
Some roses even die from her hotness
I don’t know her race or true colour
But I know God created her
It is a pity some worship her
She is only a passing figure
Her days are numbered
She would leave for God’s glory to reign forever
God’ glory never hurts or tortures like her
She is just who she is created to be
Her name is Ms. Sun.

N:B: 30.12.15 reconstructed on 2.6.15.

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