Who’s got a girlfriend like mine?
She is ebony and gorgeous
People keep freezing and staring at her pretty face
She looks very strong but she is so fragile
I always endeavour to hold her tightly, I can’t afford to let her fall
It is sweet when she wraps her arms around my neck and let me feel her gentle weight
My heart melts whenever I see her because she always gives me a great time
She seems to always open the door of passion in me
She always gives me her best and pleases me well
I love the feel of my hands upon her body
The way i grab her with my right hand is so romantic
I love rubbing her soft chin
When i bring my face close to hers and stare into her eye, I see the rawness of beauty
She is a diviner that shows me what lies right in front of me
I finger her mode to get greater insights
But most especially, I love pressing that her button that gives me a picture of the moment
My love for her is incredible
Please help me spread my love for her
In case you want to know her, her name is Ms.Camera


Dedicated to all my photographers and cinematographers
Cinematography training, testimony campus,2015, I see you.

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