God of all time.
King of all prime.
He saves us without collecting a dime.
Everything works in His perfect time.
He washed us when we were soaked in slime.
We feasted on nothing but lime.
Our job was officially crime.
We were dancing to worldly rhymes.

We moved around with aimless pace.
We thought all that mattered was a beautiful face.
But life took us into a terrible phase.
The devil gave us a tormenting chase.
But we were saved by the Almighty’s grace.
Now we run the heavenly race.
Christ has died so we can approach the throne of Grace.
With our hands up in a raise.
We sing His praise.
He is the only Transformer.

A strange woman causes rage
Through her perverseness she takes over the stage
She chops down lives like cabbage
She takes of men’s crown and renders it as garbage
Lust is written on every of her life’s page
She despises the warnings of marriage.

She is a beautiful public dumpsite
She is a shameful sight
Her workshop is darkness and the night
Destruction of souls is her delight
When disaster comes she cries for help with all her might
But her customers laugh at her plight
They never cared for her life, they just wanted a bite
She would mourn and sorrow would hug her tight
If only she would come to Jesus the Light.
He would take over the fight
And be her charming Knight.
Yes if only she would drop her pride and come to Jesus the light.

I am on fire but never get burnt
I always stand tall at the front
I dance to praise God even with a stunt
No weapon ever hurts me because they are just too blunt
The heathen are just a bunch of powerless runts
They keep on going to deserts to hunt

Believe my words because am not a liar
I am a human-god on fire
I am a highly-charged naked wire
To burn for God always, is my desire
Yes. The Holy Ghost is all require,
For me to acquire the fire that would grant me my desire to go higher.
I don’t mind reading the whole bible to get that fire
Yes I would read Nehemiah, Jeremiah, Zephaniah, Zechariah and so on
And when even before I get it I would go on my knees and praise the Messiah.

3/1/15(Thought I had misplaced where I wrote this one)
Enemies rise against me with guns
But it melts because am a burning sun
They never get close, if not they would burn
They never want to be turned into roasted corn
They see my flames and run
At the end they are smitten and torn
They are nothing but pawns

They are scared of the Spirit in me
Yea the Spirit of the Father and Son
Even before we fight the battle, we have already won.
Dwelling with the Lord is super fun
Am married to the Lord like a nun.

4/1/15(After God blessed me marvelously)
I wake everyday to see Your brightness
By grace, I can tell You good morning with boldness
I marvel at Your goodness
Yea the power of Your greatness
You cleansed me from my sins
You are the greatest Teacher, I would never joke with your lessons.
You are no respecter of persons
You decide to load anyone with blessings

I never did anything to deserve this
You filled me with blessings, now I need You to help me preserve it
I would always serve You
Thank you Jehovah Elsha-wonderful


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