Passion at its peak
So tightly held together with no leak
When so high, it could make a man weak
A passion that has lost control
A passion that has invaded our soul
A passion that has overfilled and spilled from our hearts bowl
It is truly a passion with no control
A passion that makes us do what we never say we would do
And a passion that makes us not do what we say we would do
A passion that has risen so high and now controls us
A passion that is now our master
A passion that rides and keeps whipping us to ride faster
A passion that is now so hot that it burns us without us even touching it
A passion that its hotness now leaves us with scars and burns
We can never walk around without feeling ashamed of our scars and burns
Oh, why did we let this passion rise so high?
We did better call unto the Lord to help us kill it before it kills us
Distance, Work and Discipline got to be applied
But do we truly desire to be healed or do we love the pain, scars and burns
It’s always our choice whether or not to kill this risen passion.

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