This is a confession of an angry fellow;
Am sorry I have to confess
I understand that you want to spend the night-time with me
But unfortunately, I need to rest from all my work
I sometimes hear you when you come into my room at night
Do you intentionally make those noise to awaken me?
Those noise are quite annoying, so also is the way you softly caress my body
Please understand that our ideas of passion differs
I hate your type of passion that makes you tear my skin with your razor, and then suck my blood
I don’t support passion that deals with pain
And i don’t support you bringing those your shameless friends to caress me in the dark
I also know that you go out at night to caress other people
Know that, i am not an harlot or your sex slave
I have had too much to bear, so i quit
Am sorry and happy to break your heart because you are inconsiderate and uncaring
Don’t ever come to my house again because i have sprayed something that would kill you,
I own my house and not you
N:B: I am planning on marrying someone from the Whiteman’s country, where you can’t come to.
So just get lost, Mr. Mosquito.

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