Daydreaming of my white wife
T.D Adams must marry white
T.D Adams must marry right
Daydreaming of her
Will she be from America, Pennyslvia, Tokyo, Brazil?
Will she have black hair or will she be a blonde?
Will she be a dancer? Chorister? Actress?
Would her name be Rebecca, Sarah?
Will she give me white kids with curly hair like Puyol?
Will she cook me local dishes? Or only foreign meals?
Would she have bright eyes?
Will she have a smile that turns me on?
Daydreaming of her
When and where would I met her?
In school? 100level? 200level?
I would just be patient
As patient as Love
Waiting for my Creator to say its time
For He only knows the right time.

Stay tuned with:


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