Secrets that can’t be told
Secrets that have to be told
Secret. Secrets. Secrets
Whom do I tell you to?
Yes, there is a Ear
A Ear that I trust
A Ear that I tell my secrets
That I spill all the beans to
That always listen
That remains ever-trustworthy
Listen to my secret o wonderful Ear
To You wouldest my secret be told
I trust no ear like Yours
So please listen to my Secret, o Almighty Ear
Crumbling without hope
I fear that my walls are all crashing down
I feel lost and hopeless
My plans fail
My system goes weak
Hope seems lost
Although my joy remains
Where is the light in this darkness?
When is the end of my shame and tribulations?
In my distress, You remain there
You never leave or forsake me
You are my hope
Because You live, I know there is hope
You o God are my hope
Glory Halleluyah!!! God reigns.
#Secret #Hearmysecret

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