Author:T.D Adams

Lust has me tied down
I am bound by carnality
Joined to immorality
The flesh is my delight
My eyes remain magneted to nudity
My mind, soul and heart run after nakedness
My blood has a steady flow of indecency in it
Everything i do is connected to the deeds of the flesh
I am held bound
But i do not want this?
How do i get freedom
An answer fly and i pick it
It says find the root/cause and break it with the help of the Spirit.

Chapter 1
The power of lust is a deadly  and strong power. It is not easy to break but with constant hit from your digger, it would fall apart. See it like a rock that cant be easily broken. With your own strength, it would take serious effort and might not break. You may end up giving up. And when you give up, you would notice the blisters on your hands and then you would begin to lament. This lamenting relates to how a ‘Luster’ cries and begin to disbelieve in his or herself after failing to break from an addiction. It is the guilt and sense of failure.
Just keep this in mind, you can never break from addiction with your own power. I also tried that severally and failed.
Don’t start feeling hopeless, for hope remains in the Lamb that sits upon the throne. He died to give us power above all. Above that habit. Above that addiction. Above those thoughts. Above those feelings. Above that dirty mind. Above the guilt. Above the fears. Above All, not some. All.
Halleluyah!!! We are saved and remain forever victorious.
Jesus is the Rock that falls on other rocks and shatters them. He is the Rock of ages that can never be broken. And remember that He is also a jealous God. He would never like the fact that another Rock wants to contend for His position of Rock of ages in your life. So, when you call on Him to take His place, He would come and smash to pieces that rock that has been giving you issues.
Know that He has given us the power to tread upon the powers of darkness. The power is described in Mark16:15-18.
He has enabled us for the war. He has given us the armour, sword, shield and all that we need. But we have to know what it is before we begin using them. Let us not mistake a rod for a sword, and expect it to slice things. Let us know our weapons and handle them well. Now the fight begins.
But are you ready to fight it?
Are you ready and willing for Him to smash it.
Or do you enjoy it and don’t want it to leave.
Or maybe you would rebuild it after it has been smashed?
Your motives would tell.
Also know that Jesus doesn’t do magic. He does miracles. If you want to get freedom/healing, then go to the miracle working God. The next question is, how do you go?
Before we go any further. Let us define and get to the root of the lust-rock. The root of the power of lust. And let us know if God hates it. Or if it is truly a sin.

Chapter 2
Hassan put the disc into the dvd slot and turned on the tv-set. Wasiu knew what was about to be displayed. But kept telling himself it might not be what he thought it was.
He also consoled himself by saying that if it was it, he would just get up and leave. The tv-set alive as they saw two dressed couple kissing.
‘Kissing is not bad.’ he said to himself.
They went from kissing to cuddling.
‘They are not yet having sex.’  he said to himself.
The sex began and went on.
‘One more minute, i would leave. I don’t want Hassan to laugh at me and see me as weak.’ he said to himself. He began to have an erection as the images flooded his mind and made home in his soul.
All of a sudden, the light went out. Power failure. Hassan cursed and ran to start the generator.
Wasiu began to feel guilty of breaking his promise not to ever watch pornography again. But he still did not get up. He was held bound by his will and an unseen force. The generator came on and Hassan put the tv back on.
‘I would close my eyes.’ he said and closed it. But the sound from the tv and remarks made him open his eyes for brief catches.
Wasiu’s excuses never finishes. He keeps staying around temptation and never runs. He thinks he is strong enough not to run from Potipher’s wife, he would just tell her ‘no’ and push her off. But no. It is not by our power nor by might.

Dele was and is addicted to masturbation. Once he lies on the floor, face down, he seems to automatically begin to think of lustful things. Most especially Windy and her intimate plays. Once the thoughts creep in, masturbation start. He knew it was bad but he could not stop himself till he was done. Then the guilt would step in and he would feel ashamed. He wont be able to face God for a while. He would begin to hate himself and attimes hurt himself by punching the walls of his house. The guilt always seemed to birth anger in him.
Today, Dele sat on the table, drawing in his sketch pad. His back ached a little and he needed to relax. Instead of taking a stroll and walking around or going to lie down on his back on the cushion, he lazily crept to the floor and lay on his back. At least he lay on his back and put his sketch pad up to continue drawing. But it never lasted. Drawing needed balancing and there was no balancing in holding a sketch pad in the air to draw. He turned over to draw well. His body adapted to the changes and he did it. After it ended, Dele got so angry with himself that he stabbed himself with the blunt end of his pencil. He felt like he deserved the pain.
Dele’s problem seems to be laziness. And lack of determination to stop. And he is also caged by the spirit of lust. Spirits hardly dwell alone they invite others to join them. The spirit of lust seem to have brought another anger, self-torture/hate spirit into Dele. Making him to want to hurt himself. This type of spirit was seen among the legion spirits that dwelt in the biblical madman of Gerasa, that made him hurt himself with stones (Mark 5:5).
Dele needs the Rock to help him if he truly needs freedom. Dele’s power is limited but God’s power is unlimited.

Gift felt idle. Walking around, he could find nothing to keep him busy. The urge for sex was pressing on him. But he was not ready to compromise his purity standards. He had fought and held to his standard for 2months now.
He watched couple of movies that had adult content. His excuse was that it was an action movie he loved and it was not pure pornography. It was just soft pornography. Moreover he had nothing else to do.
Gift lazily went to lie on his bed, trying to force himself to sleep. But before the sleep could come, lust came knocking.
Thoughts of what he had seen in the movie began to swim in the ocean of his mind. He fought against the tides but finally it drowned him. And made him break his 2months old commitment. The guilt began biting at him. The blisters from the digger made him hate himself. He put his face in his pillow and cried.
An idle man is the devil’s workshop.
Gift shouldn’t have watched that movie. He should have used his spare time to build himself up. By praying, singing or studying the bible.

Well well well, let us define and know what the power of lust is?
Power is a strong force that has the capability to hold a thing bound or to exercise authority.
Lust is a fleshy desire for something. Majorly sex. You can lust after someone’s body. Or power. Or fame. Etc. Lust is in different dimensions.
The power of lust is the force that can keep you bound to your fleshy desire.
I hope i am making sense. I am giving this definitions from my head knowledge. I don’t want to use the dictionary.
Lust is a deadly sin that can cause one’s downfall, like the people of Sodom(Gen 19:23-28).
Lust is wide and can capture men with different tricks.
Lust always start with a thought or feeling that we refuse to fight. Then it graduates to an action.
Lust could start when you see an indecently dressed lady and keep your eyes on her. It starts at that moment you feed your eyes with the wrong food. Then it graduates to thoughts then the action.
Masturbation is also a lustful  and sinful activity. Check the case of Onan in Genesis 38vs9-10. Letting his semen spill to the ground is also masturbation. Masturbation is an act of activating your system to get aroused and it most likely results in semen spillage.
Also know that gayism,lesbianism and animal-human sex are all lustful activities. That was one of the reason why Sodom was destroyed. It had also caused the death of thousands of Benjaminites, when a couple of sexual pervert had tried to rape a man(Judges19-20). Here are some scriptural backing against the sin of gayism; Romans 1vs21-27, leviticus 18vs22.
Watching pornography is another lustful activity. It helps defile God’s temple, which is you. Scripture says our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.
When you stare at immoral things it goes into your soul and build its home there. It also starts to magnet other immoral friends to join him in your soul. With time they build their home and live there permanently(see; Matt.12vs43-45). Until you decide for them to move out.
Lust is very crafty. It could stay low for a long while then suddenly pop up. It is also very stubborn and not easily dealt with. It is like that demon in Mark9vs17-27,that the disciples could not cast out.
The power of lust is a strong power that can keep people bound for years or a lifetime. There are still lot of old men that are still bound by lust. And it started from their youth.
The power of lust is a strongman. You need a stronger man to attack it and free you.(luke11vs21-22).

Chapter 3
Here are more stories before we proceed:

Shandy has been fighting hard against lust. Especially masturbation. She had fallen severally but was not still willing to give up. She had already studied lust’s sequence. The urge came at the beginning and towards the ending of the month. It also came early in the morning. So she had a counter plan. She used her morning hours to pray and go for a jog. She made sure she woke early and got up immediately to jog. But sometimes she just lazily slept longer and the urge got her.
On this certain day,March 3rd at 5:30a.m, she felt tired and decided to rest a little before taking off for the jogging routine.
Unfortunately, the urge came with thoughts of having sex with Jide, the handsome guy that walked around with his bare chest, revealing his six pacs. She had grown a liking for Jide even though she knew he wasn’t anything close to a Christian.
She began to think of him and hardly realized when her hands went down to the wrong place. Masturbation occurred.
Guilt filled her as she realised what just happened. She quickly knelt down beside her bed and said a prayer for forgiveness. After the prayer, she lay down again and masturbation got hold of her for the second time. Now the guilt went higher and she could not bring herself to pray.
Shandy needs to keep to her routine and fighting system. And she needs to push away the guilt and keep praying. But most importantly, she needs a fire and power to help her.

Joseph was now born-again. He was trying and striving to be more like Jesus. But sexual desires still had him in its web. He felt trapped and unable to escape. He did not watch, read or stare at anything lustful. But he had a store house of them in his mind. They had been stored their from his unbelieving days. They kept popping up and replaying. Sometimes he overcame them by the pleading the blood of Jesus against them. But sometimes he was just too lazy and sexually active that he let them swim in his mind. As a result of their swimming, he ended up masturbating. He felt stuck with no help.
Joseph has a problem that takes time to handle. He has to exercise the power given to him by Christ. He has to know that the violent taketh it by force.
His major error is that, he is looking at the masturbation sin and forgetting about the thought-sin. He needs to fight it from the root. The root here are the thoughts.

Allen works in a supermarket. His job is to sell ladies items. This meant that he saw lot of ladies everyday. Some dressed well,some half-naked and some dressed ‘naked’. He had tried staring at faces but his eyes kept diverting once in a while to bodies.
Whenever he returned home, he had lot of lustful materials to feast on. It felt like the devil kept pressing replay button whenever he lay on his bed. He was also beginning to fight masturbation and going after pornography.
He did not like the turn that his life was taking. He felt like his work was named temptation.
Allen needs to continue looking at faces and ask the Holy Spirit to help him purify his mind. If he has a pure mind, he can see them as just people and not sex materials. He also need extra grace to fight the battle of his mind.

Note that my answer in the stories are not complete. Complete answers would be given later on in this book. We would be seeing other ways of fighting lust.
Let us start by finding the root. Why are you watching that movie? Why are you masturbating? Why are you moving around with does bad friends? Why are you letting your body be touched?
Is it because you are idle? Because you want to please them? Because you don’t want him to leave you?
You need to find things to do. You don’t have to please any man. If he wants someone to touch, then let him go to a brothel. You are not a cheap commodity. Do you prefer to break God’s heart or that guy’s heart or those friends heart?
If they leave, that means they did were not true friends or he was after your body. Love is patient.
Anyway, we are not talking about that now.
Immediately you find the root of your problem, tackle it and find a substitution for it. Don’t just try to overcome. Overcome and put something in its place.
Even after you find the problem’s root, it might still be tough to handle. I would share some helpful solutions, methods or should we say mysteries.

Chapter 4
Wayne was a 19year old teenager that loved God. He was on fire for God. He was ever ready to obey God’s instructions. He served in the choir and other departments/units. People saw him as a good man. But there was a bad side. He was addicted to sex. His urge was too high and drove him crazy. And girls were always coming to him. He hated what he was doing. He hated it but his hatred could not still rescue him. He was confused and frustrated. He attimes thought of suicide but he knew God would frown at that so he never tried it.
On day, sister Rachel, the church’s secretary handed him an envelope. He had hoped it was personal. He liked Rachel a lot and his body acted strange around her. Unfortunately for him, it was a letter from the head pastor, asking him to go and represent him in a teenager’s conference. He was also to preach on Abstinence from sex. What bothered him was that he might happen to see some of his sex partners there and he might feel like an hypocrite. He sat down on the church’s porch, confused and knowing little of what to do.
Wayne needs to go and preach it. It might help him stop.
He also needs to know that his body is not his but God’s and so also are the body of the ladies he is sleeping with. He should perhaps rededicate his mind to Jesus, ask the Holy Spirit to help him, stay away from tempting places and take heed lest he falls again.

Here are methods/mysteries to help you overcome. You may not agree with all of them but do the ones you believe in.


The Communion: You may be surprised but the communion helps. It was a mystery that the Lord opened my eyes to when i was battling with lust.
The blood of Jesus has power above all. It can wreck the power of lust in your life. But only if you believe.
Please know that you don’t have to go to the church before you take the communion. You can make your communion yourself. You can use a eatable substance(Biscuit,Bread etc) for the flesh of Jesus. And liquid(Water,Juice etc) for His blood. All you have to do is believe(Faith). Ensure you take it regularly and believing. Believe that there is power in the blood and flesh of the Lamb, to save and break every chain of lust or addiction in your life.
As you do this, may the Lord help you overcome.

Accountability partners or mentor: Having someone to report to is very helpful. Find someone that is more matured than you and would not let your secret out(This may be tough). Tell the person what you are going through and that you need him or her to keep an eye on you. The person might even given you advices from his/her experiences that would help you. I cannot explain vividly, how helpful an accountability partner is. But i can tell you that you would not want to walk shamefully to his or her table and cry, saying;
“Pastor. Aremo, i messed up again.”
Even if you keep messing up, just keep going. One day it would surprise you that you cant remember the last time you went to tell Pastor. Aremo that you messed up again.
Some people have fellow friends with like problems as their accountability partner. This is not bad but it might not be rapidly helpful(Pardon the English). I would personally advice that if you are going for this,  try to keep it of same sex. Opposite sex might be dangerous especially when it comes with battling with sexually feelings.
But my general advice is for a person older than you or a person with experience.
That’s that about accountability partners/coaches.

Chapter 5
Preach it: Preach about it. Speak about it. This is not hypocrisy. Don’t say you don’t do it. That would be a lie. Instead speak that it is not good, that you don’t like it and that God doesn’t want His children doing it.
You can write articles about it. I know of a teenage ministry pastor that wrote in his own mini-magzine about masturbation even when he was still battling with it. And i am sure the publication saved lives. You to can also write about it. Or sing. Or rap. Just let it out. And don’t be condemning or judge anyone. For how you judge them is the same way you would be judged. Instead help them to overcome. The Holy Spirit is wonderful. He can use a Masturbater to rescue several people from masturbation. And be assured that he would save you also.
With time you wont want to do it again. Even when you are alone.
This point leads us to two other important points.
As you try this, believe and i pray that the Lord would help you overcome. In Jesus name. Amen.

Confess it: Confess your freedom. You can decide to have a list of confession pasted on your wall beside your mirror. Every morning stare at yourself via the mirror and declare it. If you have roommates that would be problem. Maybe laugh at you/it, type it on your phone or memorise it. Try to make it not too long or it would wear you out.
And make sure you believe as you do this. March to the mirror, stare at yourself and say,
‘Hannah is not addicted to pornography.
Hannah is not chained by lust.
Like that. Those words would register in your mind and help you overcome. This is a mind renewal and edifying process or mystery. Name it.
When you are confessing, please see yourself above the problems. Don’t see yourself as still-addicted but as once-addicted. You are no more addicted. You are free and free indeed.
As you do this, may the good Lord help you over come.

Substitute: Don’t just try to overcome but also find a substitution. Find something to keep you from doing it. For movie freaks, you could substitute for cartoons. There are lot of things to substitute with. Make sure you don’t substitute with another sin. That is almost as good as not doing anything.
You can also try this with your thoughts. Substitute those evil thoughts with a good one. Or give the thought a good turn.
Always have a good substitution ready. Don’t leave the space empty.

Tell God: Tell the Holy Spirit about what you are going through. Be very open,He wont condemn you. Say it to him in prayers and other ways. Like writing of psalms. If you noticed King David’s psalm, you would see His openness to God. Writing a psalm anytime or before that habit gets you, would help.
You may be saying, ‘But am not a writer?’
Writing a simple psalm like this is not a big task;
‘Father i cry unto You.
Lust has stretched its hands to grab me.
I do not want to leave Your arms for its arms.
Be jealous of me o God and save me.
For all my trust is in You.’
Simple. And real. Just write it. God is not marking that psalm. He would see my sincerity and save me.
If you can sing or rap very well, then rap or sing it to God in a sincere way.
Just tell God. He would always listen. He is not happy about that and wants you out it.
Ask Him what step He wants you to take to overcome. A personal instruction from God would increase your faith and would definitely be successful.

Be intimate: Be intimate with God. Have a good relationship with God. If you are very close to Him, you would not want to hurt Him with that sin. This is perhaps the most important. With this you can easily overcome.
Spend time with the Almighty Father. Read His word. You might catch a revelation that would save you. Listen to Him and speak to Him. Good, consistent and healthy communication is a key to a blossoming relationship. Make sure you build a relationship with God. God is not scary or wicked, He is a loving Father that loves to spend time with His children. Are you willing to spend time with Him?May the Lord grant you the grace to.
Please I advice that you don’t promise God that you won’t do that thing again, when you know that you are still addicted to it. If you promise like this, you might break your promise and feel very down. Instead ask Him to give you strength not to do it again.

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