Identical yet so different
Bearing the same first letter and contain four letters each
The second hates the first
Unfortunately the first doesn’t know how to hate
The second likes pleasures, Yea she likes fun
And she leaves her lovers quickly
She makes them suffer under the sun
She leaves them craving for her even though she keeps hurting them
She likes masturbation and pornography
She likes pre marital sex but calls it dating
She likes lesbianism and dirty games
She plays in the mud and never baths
She stinks so bad but covers up with cheap perfumes
She is more like a dead body in a beautiful casket
She likes death. Oh yes, she really does kill. It’s hard to escape from her cause she is as cheap as an harlot
The first one tries to stop her but she refuses
The first one is extremely beautiful
She takes care of the broken-hearted and poor
She is more beautiful than the first one but only close look would make you know
Because she never seeks attention
She dresses decently and covers herself with a veil
She is pure and clean
She smells of roses. She never needs perfume
She is fun to be with but people don’t quickly realize
When they get dumped by the second then she picks them up and restores them
The first one is so heavenly
Her name is Love while the other is lust.

Dated: 30.12.14 reconstructed on 2.6.15

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