I smile awaiting my new present
It had to come because my request had been sent
What if it was not received? No it had to be
Looking up, the clock reads after two
My expectations must be fulfilled
The present had to arrive before three
I look out the window but the messenger I did not see
The clock now says five minutes to three
If the present did not come I would flee
Or hid in the big black tree
The clock hits three yet my present could not be found
‘It might still come’ I say
But it never comes not even an hour later


My expectations are left unfulfilled
My Father has failed
I remove my headphone in anger and walk to the door
I open it and run out in anger
But I stumble into someone standing at my doorstep
I look up and see my Father Himself
He had not sent a messenger?
How early was He uhn?
He smiles and hands me my present
‘You oaf. You were late.’ I scream
He still smiles
‘I got my expectations so high yet You failed.’
He still smiles.
I turn to walk away but His words stop me
‘I was here since 9a.m. I kept knocking but you never answered’
‘Liar.’ I scream. He says nothing. I turn and run
I run other the hot sun
I stopped at the next turn and did an about turn
My thoughts had made me realize what had happened
My headphone had been in my ear so His knock I had not heard
I run back and meet my Father still waiting
I jump into His arms where I felt I belong in
I knew my Father was not mean
It had been my fault my expectations were left unfulfilled.

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