A queen with a wonderful body.
Body that looks like a round crown
She has great legs
Legs that are so beautiful and shapely
Legs that can go anywhere
Legs that get joined into her body at the perfect place
She is big yet so small
She is almost invisible
Her visibility is in her creativity
She creates a beautiful home
Her home is a net that can trap and chain down others
Her home is skillfully made of admirable bricks, where she keeps all she owns including her offspring
It is her creativity that amazes me the most
Unfortunately, men destroys her hard built home
And mess up her creativity
They abuse and chase her from her brilliant home
They see her home as junk
Well they don’t see her inner potentials as I do
I see her as a woman of skill and inner value
They see her as a pest
They call her ‘spider’ but I call her ‘Queen Spider, the queen of creativity.’

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