Are you God’s pet?
Maybe His dog
Barking your wishes at Him
Yet your barks are not fully understood
Do you sit outside His house
All alone in a cage
With restricted movements
Seeing God only few times
Are you fed in a bowl with no cutlery
Are you the Almighty’s pet?
Or Are you His son?
Walking to Him confidently
Knowing your rights
Sitting beside Him
Chatting and talking with Him
Spending time at home with Him
Eating on the same table with Him
Letting Him carry you to bed
Reading you bedtime stories from the bible
Kissing you goodnight
And watching you sleep and wake
For He never sleeps or slumber
Then, you Wake to see His beautiful smile
And wondrous face
And arms outstretched for a hug
He is always there with you
Have you made yourself His pet?
Or are you the Almighty’s beloved son?

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