Hello Majesty,
It is i Your son the prince
I just wanna praise You and say i love You
And i abolutely love the way You rule Your kingdom
When i think about Your reign,
I realise that You are wiser than wisdom,
Merciful than mercy
And most importantly, more loving than love
Hmmm…….. Love
How we all love that word
But, it is more than a word


It is a person, it is God
It is our Majesty
And it is not an it is, It is a He is.
He is a living King
He is a loving Father
He is king forever
A king who never dies but lives eternally
A king which the word ‘king’ is too small for Him to bear
He is the ‘I am that I am’
He is the creator of the whole universe and therefore the King of the whole world
He is Majesty in His supremacy
Every other king lies down flat at His presence
Even Nebuccadnezer had to cry out;
‘How great are His signs, how mighty are His wonders
His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and His dominion is from generation to generation’
That scripture describes the true majesty.
The king of all
The greatest King and giver of life
The bright and morning star.
Majesty, Yes majesty
And most importantly, He lives in you.
Yes, Majesty lives in you

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