Intro: Ok, my name is TD Blacks
Not Jakes but blacks
Cause am black
(Winks and laughs)
Ok, let’s make it official, I am TD Adams

Let me tell you the story that brought me here today
Right here before your eyes
This is how it began
So listen to the genesis of it
I was once a dog
Running around and eating the faeces of life
I sniffed and ate faeces from the butt of other female dogs
I would not mention the name we call female dogs because I find that so offensive
But then I could speak it carelessly without a blink
I know I may be saying couple of things that sounds all disgusting and ew
But back then,, I thought it was all romantic
I thought I was a big boy but I was only a big dog
I hated all that had to make me spell dog backwards and crown with a big ‘G’
I didn’t like God, because I thought God was old school
I thought He wanted me to live a sinless life and command me around,
I never knew He had already taken my sins away and wanted me to live a ‘sin-proof’ life and a directioned life
Permit my English but just understand me.
So, I was a dog and I hated spelling what I was backwards and crowning it with a big ‘G’
But couple of problems made me know that I needed that Person with da big ‘G’


So I stylish walked to Him, at least even if I had to spell dog backwards, let me not crown it with a big ‘G’
Let him not direct me, I knew my life so well as I knew the street
But unfortunately, life was bigger than a street, it was a whole world filled with streets(pause) and to make matters worse, the streets had turns and bends
Now this renewed dog that I was had to be a man
And how could I be a man, ain’t it by doing what I never wanted to do
Ain’t it by spelling what I was backwards and crowning it with a big ‘G’
Yeah, I saw I couldn’t do it by myself, so I ran to Him and gave Him da big ‘G’ He deserved
And that was it.
That was how I, dog eating faeces became a man eating chocolate biscuits
That is the revelation of how grace and mercy saved me and made me able to stand before you today.
That’s my story. You could also make it yours.

Stay tuned with:


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