Bride To Wife, No Mother
Today the 8th of May, 2016 happens to be MOTHERS DAY. So this post goes in honour of our wonderful mothers, who were once brides with little capacity but are now glorious women with great capacity. Mothers are truly blessed women and great flourishing palm trees.
With no intention of raising fear in the hearts of our beautiful brides, i ask if you are truly ready to be a mother?
I know that as brides, your main focus is your husband. But once the wedding is over, you become a mother to your husband and then the children. Yes, mother to your husbands, you would have to do a whole lot of things his mother used to do. That is why my above greetings to mothers is not a joke. The go through a lot during childbirth and after child birth. They would have to wake early, feed the household(husbands involved), get the kids ready for school, then also leave for work, come back home, take care of the kids, make sure their assignments are done, do the laundry, make dinner, make sure the kids are in bed properly, get up at night to satisfy them whenever they cry, go back to bed to her husband. Then do it all over again till the year ends and the next year begins. And they would also have to keep shouting with their soft voice, and keep running to stop this or that kid from falling.


Hmmph…… Tell me if that is not a big work. And tell me that mothers are not amazing and wonderful personalities.
And often times, couple of their kids insult them or go against them. If only they could sit down and place themselve in their shoes.
So dear beautiful bride be sure you are ready to be a mother. Take counselling classes before marriage and not after marriage. Get other  mothers that you respect, to remain around you.
No woman is the same after she becomes a mother, they started out as ‘weak’ but are now very ‘strong’.
Dear Miss.About-to-wed, know that you marriage is not just about having fun with your husband in and out of bed but it is about becoming a real woman i.e mother and being able to handle whatever problem that comes your way, your husbands way and your children’s way. It takes a whole lot of grace to be able to balance all this and act rightly always. So start preparing to be a mother.
I hoped this post blessed you and would make you go and look deeper into motherhood. You really need to be a good mother, so as not to add more bad children to the one already causing troubles for the world.
And i hope that by the next mothers day ‘next year’, you would have been among our priceless mothers.

N:B: Apologies that this post would not be able to get to you this very day, mothers day, but accept it in its lateness.

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