She felt like she had just won a lottery of millions of dollars, she was sitting in a range rover sports with a football star. She chatted all the way to the club, then, she danced like crazy at the club. And finally, they left the club around midnight and began driving to his house.
“Close your eyes dear, let me surprise you.” He suddenly said
“Ok.” She replied.
“Wait, let me blindfold you with your scarf.” He said and loosened the scarf from her neck and blindfolded her. She hated surprises but she was ready to give this one a try, and anyway, she was also tipsy from too much wine. He kept driving for minutes, and she began loosing her patience.


“Aren’t we there yet?” She asked for the umpteenth time.
“Relax babe.” He replied again with a little edge in his voice. She decided not to get him angry through her impatience. She sighed as she heard the car stop and he honked and drove them in. She heard her door open and felt someone’s presence. Before she could reach for the blindfold, hands roughly grabbed her and carried her away. She struggled and fought hard but the hands were very strong.
‘Rape!’ Was all that was ringing into her mind.
She was finally dropped to the floor and pushed away roughly that she fell and hit her head on the floor. She quickly took of the blindfold, and what she saw shocked her. She was in a room filled with several other people, she looked towards the door and saw the so-called football and three huge men with guns staring at her.
“When you are ready for us to collect ransom from your folks, just knock.” He said and laughed. She began pleading but it fell on the ears of the closed door before her.

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