Something hit her head and she went black. The next time she opened her eyes, she saw the blurry vision of three men smoking hemp. She tried to recollect all that happened but all she could remember was that she was returning from lectures and decided to pass a shortcut to her humble home when something hit her and she went black.
“Wake up baby!” One of the men yelled in her ear which caused an headache. She could smell his awful breath. She tried to sit up but fell back down, her head felt heavy.
“We don’t want to hurt you, we just need money. If you corporate, we would let you go.” One of the men with dreads said. She recognized him as a student of maths and statistics but she pretended not to know him.
“I don’t have money.” She managed to say.
“We know, but you have money in your account right?” Another of them said waving her atm card. She went silent and said nothing.
“Please don’t……..” She began to plead.
“Shut up!!! Don’t say anything, just do as you are told.” The guy with dreads said, waving his gun. She went silent and just played along. They gave her food which she rejected. She used all her free time to pray and plead to God for help.
When it got dark, they led her out of the uncompleted building and took her to a car. They drove to the bank and parked.
“If you misbehave, you go die.” The guy with dreads which she had heard them call ‘Blueblood’ said.
Blueblood led her out of the car and took her to the atm machine to withdraw. He stood solidly behind her.


“You think sey na only you get money for this campus ba?” He said. Fear began to rise in her as she realized he knew her, he might also know that she knew him. Which could mean one thing, he was going to kill her immediately he was done with her. Her brain began to think of an escape route but saw none. She handed over her situation to God to handle.
Blueblood sloted her master card into the ATM, he pointed at the screen. She stepped closer and did a trick she had never been able to try, she hoped it would work. She typed her pin backwards and stepped back. Blueblood took over and requested to withdraw 20,000 naira, the money began to come out but stuck halfway. He tried forcing it out but all to no avail.
“Hands up!” Someone yelled from behind. Blueblood froze. “If you turn, I would gun you down” the person said again. Blueblood glared at her and tried to launch for his gun but a baton smacked his head and fell down unconscious. She saw her rescuer, he was just a security man with no gun.
“I saw your emergency alert, are there others?” He asked and picked up Blueblood’s gun.
“Yes sir.. Two more” she replied.
“I would handle them, the police are on their way. Come and stay in the security room.” The guard said and offered her a hand of security.

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