The story of a young man’s success. And the woman behind his success.

Scene One
Four men, a woman and a young man appear on stage.

First man: Impossible, stupidity! No one can survive with only 1000 naira in the city
Second man: Yes, wait till you can gather enough to prosper
Woman: I have told him that but he is acting stubborn
Young man: Don’t worry, I would surprise you. I have divine wisdom
First man: Shut up there!!! Am I not wiser than you, I and all this men here have also gone to the city to try to survive but we never did. (Other men nod their heads)
Woman: I have told him that but he never listens, that was how his father did and landed in jail for selling cocaine in the city.
Third man: Like father like son. Better listen to our advice and don’t end up like your father
Young man: Ok sirs, I have heard you
First man: I am not stupid, give me the money with you. I have to be sure that you would not sneak away in the night
Young man: Never! I won’t give you the money o. I want to use it to buy things for my store at the market
Fourth man: Whom do you want to decieve?
Young man: You should know that I never lie, I have told you the truth and that is all
First man: Go, we would be watching you.
Woman: Thank you sirs. (Woman thank the men as they begin to leave one after the other)
Young man picks up a basket and begins to leave the stage
Woman: (Meets him at the exit) Where are you going?
Young man: To the market.
Woman: Let me follow you
Young man: Good, a woman’s pricing would help.
(Woman adjusts her wrapper and follows him)

Scene Two
Young man and his fiancee.

Daniel walks in to meet Mary on stage

Mary: Daniel my love
Daniel: Mary darling
Mary: Sorry, that your trip to lagos didn’t work out
Daniel: Its not a problem dear. God would still help me prosper in this village of ours
Mary: Yes my love. We need to pray for God to show us the way to go
Daniel: (nods) Prayer warrioress. (Both of them laugh)
Mary: You know, God can give you an idea that could prosper you
Daniel: Hmm…… Which kind of idea
Mary: I read the book of Leviticus that talks about letting a land rest for a year after every six years. I also read about the law of seedtime and harvest. There are a whole lot of ideas in the bible that can prosper you
Daniel: Hmm…. I see. I would study my bible more
Mary: Please do, remember that I love you and want your prosperity
Daniel: Thank you swee- (Someone comes in and they go silent)
Jide: So you are here. Let us go, I have been looking for you. Mary, good afternoon
Mary: Good afternoon Jide
Daniel: Bye for now, see you later (Daniel says as Jide pulls him away)
Mary: Bye…(She pauses as he goes out) I love you. (She stands on stage and keeps smiling. She later walks out singing a love song)

Scene Three
Daniel reading his bible

He sits on stage with his bible and appears to be concentrating. His mother steps in

His mother: What are you doing? No work today
Daniel: No, I want to study my bible.(Mother looks at him suspiciously)
His mother: Why?
Daniel: My fiancee gave me advice about doing it. That is why. (He says without glancing up. He makes a few jotting)
His mother: Ok o. Let me stay in my room
Daniel: I thought you were going out
His mother: Not anymore, I would just stay behind and do some chores
Daniel: Ok ma
Mother leaves stage with suspicious eyes. After minutes of studying and brief tapping of fingers and saying ‘word’, he rises up and begin to speak in tongues
Without him knowing, his Mother comes on stage and stares at him in surprise then she leaves
He stops praying and brings out a big white paper and begins to plan.
Daniel: (Rises up and stare at his plan) Yes! I would prosper and show this people that I have wisdom divine
(He laughs and walks out. His mother meets at the exit and stare at him in shock. He smiles at her and walk out. She stares at his back dumbfounded)

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