Once upon a time, there was this young girl. She was the daughter of the King of the most powerful city in the world. She had servants and messengers waiting on her. They were all meant to serve her and do her commands and wishes.
This young girl was very kind and generous, she was very compassionate and loving. She never hurt a soul or mistreated her servants and messengers. She was always ready to forgive them even before they offended her.


On a certain day, news came  that the world except the eastern part were she lived, had caught a deadly disease. People were dying in thousands and no cure had been found.
She had compassion on them and began looking for a solution. Finally, she found the solution and went to get it.
It was torment as she strived to make sure she got the herb and prepared it. She had gone through hell to get the only herb that could cure them of the disease. It was a disease that made people look healthy outside while they were dying quick inside, some people even died from the disease without even knowing about it. It was a very miserable disease. She had decided to get the cure herself, for it was a very delicate assignment. She refused to send her servants and messengers, but she went herself. And now here she was about to go and offer the herbs to some of the infected people.
She caught a sight of her reflection in the mirror, she looked battered. Blood was dripping from several places, she had fallen and bruised her chin, she had been attacked and her flesh had been torn by a wolf, a farmer’s string-trap had torn her forehead and she had also been slapped by hunters who taught she was a thief, she had gone through serious torment to get the herb.
She smiled despite her wounds and scars, she had something that would save the world.
She walked out and went to the first house, she knocked and offered them the cure but all she received was a loud hiss and the slamming of the door in her face.
‘Rejection? After all she had gone through?’
She cheered herself on and moved to other houses. Lot of people rejected her, some ignored her knock, some threw stones at her but few accepted her. And for that few those few that accepted the cure and got healed, she felt joyed. But she was still hurt and pained for the ones that refused the herb, claiming that they loved the diseases. If only they knew what would happen after their death?
Another thing that got at her was the fact that some of the ones that had gotten cured still doubted that they were healed. Some even thought that they had to take the same route she took to get the herbs.

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