The spoon fell from my hand and hit the smooth tiles. It made a clattering sound that made me frown my face. I stared at the tea i was trying to drink.
‘This tea can not make me well. I better get the Blood.’ i thought to myself. I knew i could not physically stand up from my sickbed. So, I closed my eyes. Then, I went holy psychic. I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom. I shut the door and undressed. I went to the bathtub and filled it with water. I spoke the gods language remembering one of my ancestor, Moses and the nile river.
The water immediately turned to the Blood. I smiled and quickly stepped into the bathtub of His blood. I relaxed in the blood. It felt cool on my skin. I could feel it already transforming me.
I dipped my head in. When i was out of breath i pushed my head up. As i was about to put my head in again, i felt a presence. No one had been inside when i came in and locked the door but i knew that not everyone could be stopped by doors. Some people could appear from nowhere.
I turned and saw the messenger. He was a giant. He could easily take down battalions without weapons.  The first time i had seen him, i had nearly fled in fear but he had told me to ‘Fear not’. I smiled and nodded. I saw he was holding a glass of red liquid. I knew what the liquid was. It was the same liquid i was bathing in. I knew that once i drank that liquid i would get well.
He walked over to me and handed me the wine glass.


“A gift from the Lamb who sits on the throne. His blood, drink and be well.’ the messenger said.
I smiled and collected it.
“Thanks.”i replied and gulped down the whole blood. I felt it flood my system and washed away the sickness that had been plaguing me. I instantly became well and went higher than high. I began shouting in the language of the gods. I continued for more than hour then finally calmed. I got dressed and went out of the bathroom.
I opened my eyes. I was still sitting on my sickbed but i had gone to get healing from another realm. I saw several patients staring at me. I immediately realised that i must have been speaking in tongues for the hour that had passed. I smiled at them reassuringly. I decided to shock them.
I removed all the drips on me and walked to the bathroom to ease myself and take my bath.
By the time i came out the doctor and nurses were in the ward with scared looks. I smiled and walked towards them.
“How come?” the doctor asked, looking confused. He had been the one that had said i had just an hour to live. He had given me several drugs for strength to manage to sit but here i stood before him, healthy and symptomless.
“I bathed in the blood of the Healer.” i replied. He looked doubtfully. He had argued about the fact with me that there was no God. He knew my healing was supernatural and i could see he was searching for an excuse to defend himself.
I left him and went down beside my bed and did 50press ups.
“I have been lazy. Imagine that. I did only 50 not even 100.” i said to the doctor. But i saw he was not interested in that, he was having some serious thinking.
“Sir, you need to be tested. Your illness might just be temporarily gone.” he said.
“Not possible. And note that it is not my illness but an illness. I think i must be discharged now. I would stop at ‘Cheese and Snacks’.” i replied. Cheese and Snacks was a restaurant that sold foods i was warned not to eat due to the illness that had plagued me. The doctor frowned at this. He was not enjoying the situation.
“Test first.” he said.
“Sure. Then a discharge immediately after. I need to travel today.” i said and smiled. I saw the nurses and other patients were smiling. Only one person was frowning and that was the doctor who was about to confirm a case of a healing from a supernatural source.
I winked at him and followed the nurse. I was already daydreaming of what i would do when i left this hospital that i had spent almost a year in.


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