Phidek broke my heart
She made a fool of me
Made me a laughing stock
I had given my best
But she had proved to be the same with the rest
It had hurt so much
I tried to get healed from her sting
But they said the solution was for another to sting me
For another to love me
But i was not yet ready for another
I had my studies to face
I thought i would never get healed


Until Jableam came
Jableam was a female friend with no strings attached
She made me feel better and healed me with the love of a friend
Jableam also made me see the Love of the Father
This healed me completely and made me know True Love,
A love like no other
A love that can mend the heart
The love of God
The love of a friend
The love of family
This is true Love.

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